Void Reaver

by Arphir of Axis [Dark Iron]


A monstrous Fel Reaver powered by demonic energies, he is animated for the sole purpose of serving Kael’thas.


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HP: 4,750,000

Pound: Every 12 seconds, Void Reaver will pound the ground around him, causing 1350-2250 arcane damage per second for three seconds to everyone within 18 yards.

Arcane Orb: Every few seconds, Void Reaver will target the location of a random player outside of his melee range. A ball of lightning will travel along the ground in a straight line to that location, detonating upon arrival. The detonation will cause 4675-6325 arcane damage and a 6 second silence to everyone within 20 yards.

Knock Away: Every 30 seconds, Void Reaver will deliver a knockback to whoever is first on his threat list. The target will fly through the air and its threat will be greatly reduced.

Enrage: 10 minutes after entering combat, Void Reaver will permanently enrage, becoming immensely powerful and killing players with one hit.



Raid composition

An ideal raid composition for Void Reaver looks something like this:

4 Tanks

7 Healers

4 Melee DPS

10 Ranged DPS

Group composition for Void Reaver is very flexible, but having 4 tanks is a strong advantage, since every 30 seconds a tank will lose part of his threat due to a knockback. A larger number of tanks means that each tank will receive fewer knockbacks over the fight.

Melee DPS will need to receive a large amount of healing when Poundings occur. If the healing team is having trouble keeping everyone alive, reduce the amount of melee DPS in the raid and add ranged. If healing is very easy, add more melee, because they won’t have to move to accomodate Arcane Orbs, and can tend to do more damage.


Positioning for this fight is straightforward: tanks are in the center of the room maintaining aggro on Void Reaver, and melee is standing behind Void Reaver. Healers and ranged classes are spread out evenly in a circle around VR, at their maximum ranges.


On the pull

One tank should run in first, with the other three close behind him. The first tank will acquire aggro on Void Reaver and move him to the center of the room. A few seconds after he establishes aggro, the other three tanks can attack and begin to build threat as well.

Position yourself as specified by the accompanying diagram. If you are a healer or ranged DPS, ensure that you are spread out in a circle all the way around Void Reaver, and standing at your maximum range.


Phase 1

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Build as much threat as possible and keep Void Reaver standing in the same place. You will periodically be knocked backwards by his Knock Away ability; at this time you will lose a percentage of your threat. Simply run back to your initial position and continue building threat on Void Reaver.

Melee DPS
Damage Void Reaver. You will periodically be damaged for up to 7,500 by his Pound ability; the healers should keep you alive. If you find yourself low and you aren’t being healed, you can back out of the range of Pounding (it is 20 yards); however, once you leave melee range, you will become a potential target for Arcane Orbs and may have to dodge them. While outside of melee range, make sure you don’t spend too much time near the tanks, since you might cause them to be hit by an Arcane Orb.

Ranged DPS
Damage Void Reaver while avoiding Arcane Orbs. A new Arcane Orb will spawn every 3 or 4 seconds and Void Reaver will do an emote alerting the raid of the Orb’s target. Orbs always track to the position of the target at the time of the emote, not the target player himself. This means that the target player, and everyone around him, can move away before the Orb arrives, and avoid its effects.

If you or somebody near you becomes the target of an orb, strafe 25 yards to your left or right immediately to avoid being damaged, and continue to damage Void Reaver. Once the orb has detonated, you can return to your original position, or to any point at your max range where there aren’t many other players present.

If you’re below 6,500 health and you’re not getting any heals, you may want to back far away from the raid and bandage to make sure you don’t die. Keep in mind that Void Reaver has a lot of HP and everyone will probably need to sustain at least 550 DPS throughout the whole fight to beat the enrage timer, so a lot of down time is undesirable.


Continue damaging Void Reaver until he is dead. Congratulations!


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