The Violet Hold

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Within the floating city of Dalaran, you will find The Violet Hold. This prison must be a weak spot in the Kirin Tor defense, because minions of Malygos are coming into The Violet Hold through portals, in an effort to attack the city.

On normal mode, the instance is intended for a 5-man group of players level 75-77. The Violet Hold is somewhat like Black Morass. 18 portals will open, allowing blue dragonkin mobs to enter. On the 6th and 12th portal, you cannot attack the dragonkin that spawns, it will open one of the prison cells releasing a boss. Unlike Black Morass, there are 6 different bosses that can possibly be freed. The 18th portal is always Cyanigosa, commander of the assault on Dalaran.

This dungeon will generally take 20-25 minutes, but if your group cannot keep up with the portals you will fail.

Gear and consumables

Like most Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, the Heroic version of this instance is tuned for players who are using high quality level 80 gear, as well as the best flasks and food buffs available. Getting the best possible gear for your character will make this fight a whole lot easier.

In WotLK, professions can be used to craft high quality epic gear. Most raid bosses also drop an epic bind-on-equip item. These items are the easiest way to get your character geared up fast, but they’re expensive to craft or buy on the AH. The easiest way to get your hands on them is to use a guide like WoW Gold Secrets, which has tips for making several thousand gold per day. This is a great way to save time and clear instances faster.

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There is a very simple 2-part quest that you can complete in a single successful instance run, you will be rewarded with The Violet Hold Key.

Discretion is Key – Rhonin, leader of the Kirin Tor, wants you to speak with Warden Alturas at The Violet Hold, without causing panic in the Dalaran populus. You can find Rhonin inside the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.

Containment – Warden Alturas, who is located at The Violet Hold, asks you to go into the instance and end (or at least delay) the blue dragonflight invasion of Dalaran by slaying the leader of the attack, Cyanigosa. Return to him outside when you have done his job.



The Violet Hold is a single room with magical prison cells holding 5 elite bosses.


A = Entrance

1 = Erekem

2 = Zuramat the Obliterator (upper cell) , Xevozz (lower cell)

3 = Ichoron

4 = Moragg

5 = Lavanthor

6 = Cyanigosa

(Map from Atlas addon)

For a round room, this place certainly has a lot of corners. It’s advisable to pay attention and keep clear line of sight with your healer.


Trash Portals

When you enter the instance, you will see the prison guards fighting off the blue dragonflight intruders. You can talk to Lieutenant Sinclari to start the encounter, then she and the guards will disappear, leaving your group to finish the job.


Out of each portal (except the 6th, 12th, and 18th) will come a Portal Guardian or Portal Keeper with continuous adds, or an elite blue dragonflight squad which spawn no adds. If at any time your group has trouble keeping up with the portals, there are 5 switches placed on the walls throughout the room, you can use one of these switches for a wave of damage to all mobs that are currently active.

Portal Guardian — 132k HP. Normal melee damage 963-2024

  • Side Swipe – deals 972-1876 damage to a nearby target
  • Agonizing Strike – inflicts 1378-1412 damage to a target and increases target’s damage received by 30% for 5 seconds
  • Overpower – deals 1060-1289 damage and cannot be blocked, dodged, or parried
  • Grievous Wound – deals 100% weapon damage and bleeds the target for 800 damage every 3 seconds until fully healed
  • Azure Bindings – binds a target with magic, the target cannot attack or cast for 4 seconds

Portal Keeper — 132k HP. Normal melee damage 1002-1677

  • Arcane Missiles – launches magic missiles at a target, each missile causes 750-800 damage
  • Frostbolt Volley – inflicts 11660-2259 damage to nearby enemies and reduces their movement speed for 4 seconds
  • Arcane Volley – casts magic bolts at nearby enemies, inflicting 1867-2350 damage
  • Frostbolt – deals 2659-2901 frost damage to a target and reduces movement speed for 4 seconds
  • Deep Freeze – inflicts 1018-1182 frost damage and stuns the target for 4 seconds
  • Polymorph – the target cannot cast or attack for 5 seconds, and probably looks like some sort of critter


These weaker trash mobs will spawn from portals after the Guardian or Keeper:

Azure Invader — 8508 HP. Normal melee damage about 150

  • Cleave – deals 250-350 damage to a target and one additional nearby enemy
  • Impale – inflicts 200-250 damage to a target every 3 seconds for 12 seconds
  • Brutal Strike – deals about 185 damage to a target

Azure Mage Slayer — 10635 HP. Normal melee damage 229-342

Azure Spellbreaker — 10635 HP. Normal melee damage 275-289

  • Arcane Blast – inflicts 696-967 arcane damage
  • Slow – reduces casting time and attack speed by 35% and slows movement speed for 5 seconds
  • Cone of Cold – deals about 800 damage to any enemies in front of the caster and reduces movement speed for 6 seconds
  • Chains of Ice – target is unable to move for 4 seconds

Azure Binder — 6806 HP. Normal melee damage112-300

  • Arcane Barrage – launches arcane missiles dealing 653-880 damage to a target
  • Arcane Explosion – an arcane blast wave deals 648-752 damage to all nearby enemies
  • Frostbolt – inflicts 665-840 damage to a target and reduces movement speed for 4 seconds
  • Frost Nova – deals 300-350 damage to all nearby targets and immobilizes them for 4 seconds

Veteran Mage Hunter — 5318 HP. Normal melee damage 71-150

  • Frostbolt – deals 711-871 damage to a target and reduces movement speed for 4 seconds
  • Arcane Bolt – inflicts 782-828 damage to an enemy
  • Fireball – deals 912-1052 fire damage to a target


An elite blue dragonflight squad will generally be a combination of the following:

Azure Captain — 42,540 HP. Normal melee damage 378-712

  • Mortal Strike – deals 371-777 damage and reduces healing received by 50% for 5 seconds
  • Whirlwind – inflicts 1658-1720 damage to all nearby enemies

Azure Stalker — 42,540 HP. Normal melee damage 532-1784

  • Backstab – inflicts 920-1415 damage to a target from behind
  • Tactical Blink – instantly teleports behind a target

Azure Raider — 42,540 HP. Normal melee damage 660-1503

  • Concussion Blow – deals 648-810 damage to a target and stuns them for 3 seconds
  • Magic Reflection – all spells cast on the target will be reflected to the caster for 5 seconds

Azure Sorceror — 42,540 HP. Normal melee damage 832-1136

  • Arcane Stream – deals 800-1026 to a target each second for 4 seconds
  • Mana Detonation – inflicts 1467-2150 damage to all nearby enemies, also causing a knockback


Random Bosses


A captured Ethereal that has about 227K HP. Normal melee damage 1727-2416, but crits up to 4k are possible.

“It seems my freedom must be bought with blood…”



  • Summon Ethereal Sphere – summons an energy sphere to aid in battle
  • Arcane Buffet – deals 923-1107 damage to a target and increases the target’s damage received by 150 for 20 seconds
  • Arcane Barrage Volley – deals 1835-2034 damage to all enemies


When this boss summons a sphere, it’s a good idea for your tank to kite him around the bottom floor while staying in range of your healer. Everyone should avoid the sphere(s), because when someone in your party triggers an orb, Xevozz will get a buff and start doing 150% damage.

He may also teleport the whole group to him and then cast his spells. If he has the buff at this point, the whole group will take a lot of damage. Healers must be on their toes during this fight, AoE heals, HoTs, and heals with short cast times are important. A priest can also dispel Arcane Buffet from party members to lessen the amount of damage everyone takes.

“This is an… unrecoverable… loss.”


Normal Mode Loot

Riot Shield

Xevozz’s Belt



A captured floating eye with 227K HP. Normal melee damage 1611-2106.



  • Ray of Suffering – a DoT that will inflict damage equal to 8% of the target’s total health every second for 5 seconds
  • Ray of Pain – deals 900-2000 shadow damage to a target and reduces healing received by 15%
  • Optic Link – the boss channels a beam at a target, dealing 876-1497 damage per tick for 12 seconds
  • Corrosive Saliva – this debuff can stack up to 20 times and each application reduces the target’s armor by 5%


This boss encounter is mostly tank-and-spank. Most of the damage is directed at the tank, but the boss will also cast Optic Link on another member of your party. The damage of Optic Link will usually be less than 1000 at first, but it becomes progressively more as it nears the end of its duration.


Normal Mode Loot

Shoulderplates of the Beholder

Band of Eyes



A captured water revenant with about 227.6K HP. Normal melee damage between 1839- 2877.

“I… am fury… unrestrained!”



  • Water Bolt Volley – deals 1588-2076 damage to all enemies within 45 yards
  • Water Blast – does 2500-3000 damage to a single target, with an additional knockback

“Water can hold any form, take any shape… overcome any obstacle!”

  • Protective Bubble – reduces all damage taken by 99%, this shield has 35 charges
  • Burst – deals 1160-1383 damage
  • Frenzy – increases damage dealt by 25% and increases casting speed by 100%


Initially, you want to take down the Protective Bubble, every melee or magic attack that hits Ichoron will remove one charge of the shield. When all charges have been removed, she will collapse to the floor and some weak water elementals will spawn. The boss will become active again when one of these elementals reaches her, or when all of the elementals have been slain.

If Ichoron is up and an elemental reaches her, it will return health to her. When you kill an elemental, it will “Burst” causing AoE damage. So, it may not be a good idea to round the adds up and AoE them down, as this will increase the amount of damage your party takes. Each add has only about 4000 HP, so your party should be able to split up and kill them individually before any of them reach Ichoron.

At 25%, the boss will enrage. She will do more melee damage and cast spells twice as fast, so this is the burn-and-heal-like-crazy phase.

“I… recede.”

Normal Mode Loot

Spaulders of Ichoron

Handguards of Rapid Pursuit



A captured core hound with 227.6K HP. Normal melee damage 2226-3011.


  • Firebolt – deals 1700-2000 fire damage to a target
  • Lava Burn – attacks an enemy with a lava bomb, inflicting 1870-2100 fire damage and may leave a DoT that deals 700-900 per tick
  • Flame Breath – deals 2750-3300 fire damage to any enemies in a cone in front of Lavanthor


Lavanthor is a definite tank-and-spank. If your group is paying attention, your tank should be the only one taking damage. Everyone else in your group should be behind the boss, so that no one but the tank takes damage from Flame Breath. The tank can try to step away from Lavanthor’s horrible breath, but as long as none of the DPS are getting hit by it, the healer shouldn’t have a problem healing the tank through it.

Normal Mode Loot

Prison Warden’s Shotgun

Lava Burn Gloves


Zuramat the Obliterator

A captured void lord with 227.6K HP. Normal melee damage 1691-1945, but capable of 3k-4k crits.

“I am… renewed.”


  • Summon Void Sentry – spawns an add
  • Shroud of Darkness – reduces attacker’s healing received by 20%, can stack up to 5 times

“Gaze… into the void!”

  • Void Shift – deals up to 750 damage per second, shifting the target into the void


Like Anomalus in The Nexus, this boss does little himself, but his adds are deadly with AoE spells and dealing with them is complicated. You can only see his adds when you have the Void Shift debuff, similar to the Zul’Gurub encounter with Jin’do the Hexxer.

When anyone in the party is affected by Void Shift, it is their responsibility to drop DPS on the boss and go after the adds while they’re visible. The effect only lasts about 15 seconds, but even a healer priest using Holy Nova can take a few out during that short time period.

The AoE damage from the adds will add up very quickly and will probably start causing more damage than your healer can keep up with, so when you’re not affected by Void Shift you should try to burn Zuramat as quickly as possible. If you have DoTs to use, keep them up on the boss at all times.

Shroud of Darkness will reduce your healing received by 20% and each time you attack the boss you can get another stack of it, this will also make healing a challenge. A shaman can cast Purge on Zuramat to get rid of Shroud of Darkness, or a priest may dispel it.

A warrior can use Spell Reflect to reflect shadowbolts back to the adds even if he/she isn’t affected by Void Shift and cannot see the adds. Doing this may not even consume the Spell Reflect affect.


Normal Mode Loot

Void Sentry Legplates

Pendant of Shadow Beams



She is the blue dragonflight commander, charged by Malygos to coordinate the attack on the city of Dalaran. She has 284K HP and her normal melee damage is 1429-2402, but she’s capable of 3k-4k crits.

“We finish this now, champions of Kirin Tor!”


  • Uncontrollable Energy – deals 3809-4257 arcane damage to any enemies in a frontal cone, and about 1000 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds
  • Blizzard – deals 1301-1540 frost damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds and reduces movement speed of enemies in the selected area by 40%
  • Tail Sweep – inflicts 1430-1900 damage to anyone behind Cyanigosa, interrupts spell casting for 2 seconds
  • Arcane Vacuum – pulls all nearby enemies to Cyanigosa


You will not have time to eat or drink before the boss encounter, so try to conserve your mana during the last couple portals.

Cyanigosa is a typical dragon, you will get smacked with her tail if you stand behind her. Your healer and DPS should stand on one side of her, because you may get Uncontrollable Energy if you stand in front of her. Your tank will get this debuff of course, but it can be cleansed by a priest or pally. If no one in your group can dispel it, the healer should be able to heal through it.

Blizzard is cast on a selected area, you can move out of this affect to avoid taking additional damage. If the Blizzard is near the tank, he or she can turn the boss, but you group will have to pay attention and move as well to avoid Tail Sweep.

The boss will cast Arcane Vacuum and pull your group to her, you can return to your original positions to avoid Tail Sweep and Uncontrollable Energy. This affect also causes an aggro wipe, so allow your tank to regain threat before you continue to DPS her down.

Other than that, Cyanigosa is a pretty simple tank-and-spank encounter. There are no adds in this fight and generally the tank will be the only one taking damage.

“Perhaps… we have… underestimated… you.”

Normal Mode Loot

Jailer’s Baton

Boots of the Portal Guardian

Plate Claws of the Dragon



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