Utgarde Pinnacle

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On the northern side of Utgarde Keep in Howling Fjord, you will find Utgarde Pinnacle. This is the second Utgarde Keep 5-man wing, designed for level 80 players. You must be at least level 75 to enter.

The meeting stone and instance portal are located at coordinates: 57.1, 46.2

Within Utgarde Pinnacle, you will face 4 bosses: Svala Sorrowgrave, Gortok Palehoof, Skadi the Ruthless, and King Ymiron. The lowly minions of King Ymiron are mostly Vrykul and/or Scourge, sometimes with wolves, and the occasional Abomination.

A decent group should be able to complete the instance in about 30 minutes.


Gear and consumables

Like most Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, the Heroic version of this instance is tuned for players who are using high quality level 80 gear, as well as the best flasks and food buffs available. Getting the best possible gear for your character will make this fight a whole lot easier.

In WotLK, professions can be used to craft high quality epic gear. Most raid bosses also drop an epic bind-on-equip item. These items are the easiest way to get your character geared up fast, but they’re expensive to craft or buy on the AH. The easiest way to get your hands on them is to use a guide like WoW Gold Secrets, which has tips for making several thousand gold per day. This is a great way to save time and clear instances faster.

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There are 2 quests acquired and completed inside Utgarde Pinnacle, with no pre-cursors required.

Junk in My Trunk

Vengeance Be Mine!



A = Entrance

1 = Svala Sorrowgrave

2 = Gortok Palehoof

3 = Skadi the Ruthless

4 = King Ymiron

(Map from Atlas. Blue line added to roughly indicate your route.)

King’s Hoard and Raven’s Watch

The first room as you enter Utgarde Pinnacle is King’s Hoard. You must travel south through this room and take the corridor leading south to Raven’s Watch. You will clear the length of Raven’s Watch and then head east into Observance Hall, down the stairs you will find the first boss, Svala Sorrowgrave.

As you make your way to Svala, you will face the following trash:

Scourge Hulk — 97400 HP. Normal melee damage 1433-2234

  • Mighty Blow – deals 200% normal damage (3457-4053) to a target, causes a knockback
  • Volatile Infection – a disease lasting 30 seconds, dealing ~2000 damage to target’s nearby allies every 3 seconds

Dragonflayer Fanatic — 50400 HP. Normal melee damage 1460-3184

  • Fervor – Fanatic cannot be slowed or stopped for 10 seconds. This effect increases damage and movement speed by 100%, normal melee can cause 3108-6330 damage. After the effect ends, Fanatic is stunned for 4 seconds

Dragonflayer Deathseeker — 48700 HP. Normal melee damage 906-1254

  • Cleave – deals 150% normal melee damage (1156-2473) to target and a nearby ally
  • Grave Strike – a debuff that inflicts 2828-3172 shadow damage to target’s nearby allies after 5 seconds

Dragonflayer Seer — 50400 HP. Normal melee damage 50-150

  • Lightning Bolt – deals 2185-2621 nature damage
  • Chain Lightning – inflicts 3106-4573 nature damage to a target, lightning can jump to 2 nearby party members
  • Healing Wave (people in my groups interrupted her heals, how much she does is uncertain)


Svala Sorrowgrave

As you enter Observance Hall, Svala Sorrowgrave (a Vrykul) is being changed by the Lich King into a Val’kyr. You will hear their conversation and see the transformation before beginning the encounter.

Svala has 315,000 HP and does 2913-4060 normal melee damage.

“I will vanquish your soul!”


  • Sinister Strike – deals normal melee damage plus 800-1000 additional damage
  • Call Flames – nearby fires strike Svala’s enemies

“Any last words?”

  • Ritual of the Sword – begins to sacrifice a target to the Lich King



This is a really simple fight in normal mode, with 2 alternating phases. Svala does fairly low damage on a decent tank (level 78+ with 20k HP and reasonable mitigation). The damage caused by the flames seems negligible, but means a little healing on the DPS is required.

Phase One

Tank and spank Svala, healing as necessary. There’s really nothing notable about this phase. Everyone should be standing on the “stage”, for line-of-sight purposes.

Phase Two

To begin this phase, Svala will cast Ritual of the Sword. Someone in your group will be selected at random to be sacrificed. They will be transported to a spot toward the front of the stage. Svala will fly up and a sword resembling Armageddon from 25-man Naxxramas will appear above the sacrificed party member.

3 Ritual Channelers will also spawn and use purple beams to stun the party member being sacrificed as he/she is transported. Each of the channelers will have about 6000 HP and you need to kill each as quickly as possible in order to free the target before the sword reaches them. You have about 8 seconds to do this.

If the sacrifice victim is not freed, there will be an explosion when it reaches the ground, causing AoE damage to your party.

When the target is freed or the sword reaches the ground, Svala will fly down and become active again, restarting Phase One.

“Nooo! I did not come this far… to…”

Normal Mode Loot

Svala’s Bloodied Shackles

Tear-Linked Gauntlets

Ritualistic Athame

Brazier Igniter


To the Trophy Hall

After you defeat Svala, take the hallway to the south. You will head west to the Trophy Hall where you will find the second boss, Gortok Palehoof.

On the way, you will face:

Ymirjar Savage — 48700 HP. Normal melee damage 697-1139

  • Beast’s Mark – causes target to take 1885-2115 additional damage when attacked by a beast
  • Rend – inflicts 429-867 damage every 3 seconds for 10 seconds

Ymirjar Flesh Hunter — 50400 HP. Normal melee damage ~1266

  • Shoot – deals 3140-3417 damage
  • Aimed Shot – deals about 3334 damage
  • Multi-Shot – missiles hit 3 targets for 2365-3806 damage

Bloodthirsty Tundra Wolf — 50400 HP. Normal melee damage 1200-2503, crits up to 4k possible


Gortok Palehoof

This boss is a magnataur frozen in the Trophy Hall, with 4 other elite monsters. To fight him, you must free him. Click the Stasis Controller in the room to start the encounter. An orb will appear and release 2 of the other elites (one at a time).

Jormungar – poisons the ground and summons non-elite worms

Rhino – charges a target for ~3k plus DoT, also deals heavy AoE damage with a stomp

Worgen – heavy damage and a mortal strike effect on tank

Furbolg – AoE fear, Chain Lightning, and can enrage

The boss will be released after you kill whichever 2 mobs spawn. He has 189,000 HP and deals normal melee damage of 1989-3561.

“What this place? I will destroy you!”


  • Withering Roar – deals 1886-2200 damage to nearby enemies, causing a debuff to reduce their health by 500. Stacks up to 50 times and lasts 30 seconds
  • Impale – deals 1737-2050 damage, then an additional 1678-2000 every 3 seconds for 9 seconds
  • Arcing Smash – deals 3382-4585 damage to enemies in a frontal cone (more on leather)


This is a tank-and-spank, but can be very healing-intensive. The DPS should be trying to burn him down as quickly as possible, since more stacks of Withering Roar on the tank and others will make the fight get much more difficult as the fight goes on.

The tank needs to face Gortok away from the group, and melee DPS must be behind the boss at all times to avoid Arcing Smash.

Gortok will throw spears to Impale members of your party at random, so the healer needs to pay attention and make sure to heal up anyone with this debuff.

Normal Mode Loot

Trophy Gatherer

Shroud of Resurrection

Reanimated Armor

Seal of Valgarde


Eagle’s Eye

“What mongrels dare intrude here? Look alive, my brothers! A feast for the one that brings me their heads!”

When you enter this area east of the Trophy Hall, you will see Skadi the Ruthless and his dragon, Grauf. He will mount his dragon and fly away, which starts a gauntlet-style event. Waves of mobs will spawn and attack your party, you must keep moving as much as possible.

Ymirjar Warrior — 18000 HP. Normal melee damage 1164-1303

  • Strike – deals normal damage plus 150
  • Hamstring – inflicts 50% normal melee damage (525-594) and reduces the target’s movement speed by 60% for 5 seconds

Ymirjar Witch Doctor — 18000 HP ?

  • Shadowbolt – deals 2843-3582 shadow damage to a target

Ymirjar Harpooner — 18000 HP. Normal melee damage 575-587

  • Throw – deals ~169 ranged damage
  • Net – immobilizes an enemy for 3 seconds

The DPS in your group need to pick up Harpoons dropped by these mobs and then click a harpoon gun to fire at the dragon whenever he is in range.

“Go now! Leave nothing but ash in your wake!”

The dragon will be periodically spraying frost on the ground which will deal damage every second to anyone standing in it.

When Grauf reaches 0 HP, Skadi will dismount and you will fight him.

“You motherless knaves! Your corpses will make fine morsels for my new drake!”

It’s important for the tank to keep an eye on Grauf’s HP and be ready to grab the boss when he comes, or the healer in your group will probably get one-shot by Skadi.


Skadi the Ruthless

He has 252,000 HP and does melee damage of 2862-9000 (possible 17K crit on cloth).


  • Whirlwind – deals 2536-3317 damage to nearby enemies, slows his own movement speed by 50%
  • Crush – inflicts 150% melee damage (~4632) to a target, knocks them down for 2 seconds
  • Poisoned Spear – deals 4713-5287 nature damage to a target within 60 yards, and an additional 1885-2115 damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds


Getting through the gauntlet while taking down the dragon are the most difficult parts of this event.

Again, protect your healer when Skadi dismounts, especially if no one else in the group can heal.

During the actual encounter with Skadi, his Whirlwind should be your biggest concern. Unlike traditional Whirlwind abilities, he can MOVE while he’s doing this. He seems to select a player (at random?) and he will actually follow this player until the effect ends, which seems to be at least 8-10 seconds. Unless you have an uberleet healer, he should be kited in the direction you came from if he’s fixated on one of your DPS.

Thankfully, he does seem to return to the tank after his Whirlwind and aggro does not seem to reset in any way. I would advise any casters in your group to be careful about building up their threat while he whirlwinds, if he’s being kited and the tank is not on him.

Other than that, DPS him quick, heal as needed and watch for the poison, you should be fine.

“ARGH! You call that… an attack? I’ll… show… aghhh…”

Normal Mode Loot

Harpooner’s Striders

Drake Rider’s Tunic

Silken Amice of the Ymirjar

Amulet of Deflected Blows


To the Ruined Court

After you defeat Skadi, head west through the doorway at the north end of the Eagle’s Eye. You will have to clear your way through this room, to the corridor leading south into Ruined Court, where you will then head east to King Ymiron at the center of the instance.

On the way to the last boss, you will have to clear the following mob types:

Ymirjar Dusk Shaman — 38960 HP. Normal melee damage 1138-1226

  • Lycanthropy
  • Dark Mending – heals its ally with dark magic (3 second cast)

Ymirjar Berserker — 50400 HP. Normal melee damage 1117-2258

  • Terrify – fears all enemies in front of Berserker for 4 seconds
  • Shred – attack speed is increased by 20%, melee attacks will increase the target’s damage received by 100 for 10 seconds

Ymirjar Necromancer — 40320 HP. Normal melee damage ~1390. Summons Mindless Servants.

  • Shadow Bolt – deals 3035-3225 shadow damage to a target
  • Shadow Bolt Volley – deals 3164-4175 shadow damage to all nearby enemies


King Ymiron

Ymiron, the King of the Vrykul, is now Undead and in the service of the Lich King.

He has 566,202 HP and does 3102-4492 normal melee damage.

“You invade my home and then dare to challenge me? I will tear the hearts from your chests and offer them as gifts to the death god! Rualg nja gaborr!”


  • Bane – a buff on Ymiron that deals 1369-1718 AoE shadow damage whenever Ymiron takes direct damage. Lasts 5 seconds
  • Fetid Rot – a disease that deals 1414-1586 nature damage every 3 seconds and decreases healing received by the target by 25%. Lasts 9 seconds
  • Dark Slash – instantly deals damage equal to half of target’s health
  • Screams of the Dead – stuns all enemies for 8 seconds
  • Spirit Burst – inflicts 2357-2643 shadow damage to all enemies
  • Spirit Strike – deals ~1000 damage and increases target’s damage by 250. Lasts 10 seconds

The 4 longboats in the room have these effects:

Back Left – spawns 4 non-elite adds (Avenging Spirit?)

Front Left – summons an orb that will move around the room and cause AoE damage

Back Right – casts Spirit Strike on his target

Front Right – casts Spirit Burst


This is a healing intensive fight, everyone in the party will take damage at once when Spirit Burst is cast, or when Ymiron is buffed with Bane. This buff can be dispelled or purged or a mage can Spellsteal it. Shield Slam can also dispel it. If no one in your party can get rid of it, your DPS should stop attacking while the buff is active.

Fetid Rot will also do a lot of damage and require a lot of healing, it can be cleansed to help conserve the healers mana.

Every 20 seconds, Ymiron will make your party cower in fear for 8 seconds. There are various ways to get out of this stun, such as a hunter’s Beast Within, DK’s Icebound Fortitude, Mage’s Blink or Ice Block, or using a PvP trinket. If you want to get an extra few seconds of DPS, try any skills you may have that remove movement-impairing effects.

When Ymiron spawns the orb, it will move fairly slowly and doesn’t have a very large AoE radius. You can move away from it pretty easily.

The adds that spawn are weak and can be taken care of with AoE. They will also despawn when he goes to the next longboat, so you may be able to ignore them completely.

Quick heals or heavy HoTs are vital for this encounter, but healers will also need to be ready with their biggest heal possible when Ymiron casts Dark Slash. No matter what, this will take away half of your tank’s current health.

If there is anyone other than your healer who can remove Bane, they should be assigned to do so. Leaving it up to the healer will take their focus off healing and thwart their mana conservation efforts.

Overall, try to DPS him down as quickly as possible.

The encounter is really not as complicated as it seems.

“What… awaits me… now?”

Normal Mode Loot

Signet of Ranulf

Vestige of Haldor

Ancient Royal Legguards

Tor’s Crest

Ymiron’s Blade

Crown of Forgotten Kings

Jeweled Coronation Sword

Ceremonial Pyre Mantle

Design: Austere Earthseige Diamond


To get out of Utgarde Pinnacle quickly after you pwn Ymiron, just go north from his throne and you will end up in the first room, King’s Hoard. Don’t forget to go out this way and turn your quests in to Briggin if you have them!




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