Utgarde Keep

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Utgarde keep is the first instance you will encounter in Wrath of the Lich king. The recommended level for this instance is 70-71. Located in the Howling fjord it is home to the vrykul, who resemble giant Vikings, this instance features three bosses; Prinnce Keleseth, Skarvald & Dalronn, and Ingvar the Plunderer. The layout inside Utgarde keep is very similar to Burning Crusades first instance, Hellfire ramparts.



Gear and consumables

Like most Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, the Heroic version of this instance is tuned for players who are using high quality level 80 gear, as well as the best flasks and food buffs available. Getting the best possible gear for your character will make this fight a whole lot easier.

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Disarmament – Acquired inside Utgade Keep

Into Utgarde! -This quest Available after completing Fresh Legs


A Score to Settle – This quest Available after completing the chain that starts with War is Hell

Ingvar Must Die! –  Acquired inside Utgade Keep

Disarmament – Acquire inside Utgade keep



The trash of Utgrade Keep is fairly straightforward. Excluding Proto-Drakes, all mobs in the Furnace of Hate are humanoid and can be crowd controlled.

To proceed through the Furnace of Hate, you must kill the Dragonflayer Forgemaster so the Wall of Flame drops.

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In the Dragonflayer pens you will fight Proto Drakes, and their handlers. The Proto Drakes do an aoe knockback so it’s best to tank them inside the pens to avoid aggroing adds.

Past the drakes you get Dragonflayer Runecasters, these guys are nasty and should go down first. If there’s two in your pull, crowd control on one would be best.

Once past the first boss, you will go through a series of stairs, encountering more runecasters and series of non-elite undead groups leading to the second boss.

Trash from the second to third boss is yet more Runecasters, and Proto Drakes, but this time with riders.


Prince Keleseth


Shadow Bolt – Deals 2975 to 4025 shadow damage.

Ice Tomb – Occasionally he will cast ice tomb on a random player, tank included, which will freeze you in a block of ice for 20 seconds. This can be removed with divine shield or iceblock.

He will also summon skeletons to fight for him; these have low health and are easily killed.


Heroic changes (when available)

Loot table:

Dragon Stabler’s Gauntlets

Reinforced velvet Helm

Kelesth’s Blade of Evocation


Skarvald the Constructor & Dalronn the Controller

Dalronn’s abilities:

Debilitate – Debilitates the target, lowering melee attack, spell casting, movement, and ranged attack speeds by 50%.
Deals 750 Shadow damage every 2 sec. for 8 sec.

Shadow Bolt – Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 2700 to 3300 Shadow damage.

Summon skeletons – Summons two Skeleton Minions near the caster.

Skarvald’s Abilities:

Charge – Charges an enemy, inflicting 35% of the caster’s normal damage and stuns the opponent for 2 sec.

Enrage – Increases the caster’s attack speed by 30% and the Physical damage it deals by 10% for 10 sec.

Stone strike – Inflicts 100% of normal weapon damage and knocks back the enemy.


Dalronn should be killed first as he has no aggro table and cannot be tanked. Similar to the previous boss, Dalronn casts shadowbolts and summons skeletons, but with a catch, when he dies he comes back as a ghost with all his previous abilities. However, he can no longer be targeted.

As soon as Dalronn dies (the first time) you should move onto Skavald, he will occasionally charge and knockback randomly targeted players. Overall it’s not a difficult fight.

It should be noted that whichever boss dies first will come back as a ghost, but an invincible, untargetable boss with charges and knockbacks seems like much more of a hassle than shadowbolts.

Heroic changes (when available)

Loot Table:

Skarvald’s Dragonskin Habergeon

Chestplate of the Northern Lights

Arm Blade of Augelmir


Ingvar the Plunderer

The first major boss of the expansion does not disappoint, this guy is tough and hits hard. He has two phases, human and undead.

Phase One


Staggering Roar – 2188-2812 damage to all enemies within 60 yards, with a 6 second spell interrupt.

Smash – 17500-22500 damage to all enemies in a frontal cone.

Cleave – 150% melee damage to target and nearest ally.

Enrage – Increases attack speed by 5% and size by 5% per cast. Stacks up to 50 times.


Ranged dps and healers should duck behind the pillars surrounding Ingvar to avoid AOE damage when he begins to cast Staggering Roar. Melee should stand at their max range behind Ingvar to avoid cleaves and smash. Healers need to be especially careful to watch for when Ingvar is casting Staggering Roar, as 6 seconds without heals can potentially be devastating. After you kill him the first time, an event triggers, and Annhylde the Caller resurrects Ingvar as an undead, thus starting phase two.

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Phase Two

This phase is painful. Ingvar gets a set of upgraded attacks:

Dreadful Roar – 3063-3937 shadow damage to all enemies within 60 yards, with an 8 second spell interrupt and a stacking debuff that causes targets to take 5% more shadow damage. Stacks up to 40 times.

Woe Strike – Deals 200% weapon damage and adds a debuff causing any healing the target receives to deal 1313-1687 shadow damage to the healer.

Dark Smash – Deals 17500 to 22500 Shadow Damage to all enemies in a frontal cone. In addition, deals 1750-2250 shadow damage to all enemies, knocking them down.

Shadow Axe – throws a Shadow Axe at a random target. The axe will spin in place for 10 seconds dealing 1750-2250 DPS to all nearby enemies.


The tank should be watching for Dark Smash, it’s a 3 second cast and can be avoided. All melee, ranged, and healers should now hide behind pillars to avoid the AOE damage from Dreadful Roar, an 8 second interrupt is even worse than 6. Melee should again be at max range behind Ingvar. The entire party should be watching for Shadow Axes, if you stand on a spinning axe, chances are you’ll die. This fight requires paying close attention; all members need to know what the boss is doing at all times.


Heroic changes (when available)

Loot Table:

Ingvar’s Monolithic Cleaver

Overlaid Chain Spaulders

Holistic Patchwork Breeches


When Ingvar is defeated, you have cleared Utgarde Keep!



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