Instructor Razuvious

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Razuvious etches the indelible mark of war upon the damned souls of Death Knight initiates.

Instructor Razuvious is the first boss of the Death Knight wing of Naxxramas. While his melee attacks can sometimes tax healers, the unique mind control tanking mechanic of the fight minimizes the gear check element of the fight. Although the later bosses of the Death Knight wing are substantially more difficult than Razuvious, he is often one of the first bosses attempted by guilds that are new to Naxxramas.


Gear requirements

Like most Wrath of the Lich King raid encounters, this fight is tuned for players who are using level 80 epic gear, as well as the best flasks and food buffs available. Getting the best possible gear for your character will make this fight a whole lot easier.

In WotLK, professions can be used to craft high quality epic gear. Most raid bosses also drop an epic bind-on-equip item. These items are the easiest way to get your character geared up fast, but they’re expensive to craft or buy on the AH. The easiest way to get your hands on them is to use a guide like WoW Gold Secrets, which has tips for making several thousand gold per day. This is a great way to save time and down bosses faster.

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HP: 3,346,000

Melee: Razuvious hits a tank for very heavy damage and is not intended to be tanked by conventional methods.


Death Knight Understudy (x2)

HP: 404,000

Melee: Hits for moderate damage on a tank, or heavy damage on Razuvious when mind controlled.

Taunt: Similar to the Warrior skill of the same name, the player mind controlling the Understudy can use Taunt to force Razuvious to attack the Understudy.

Shield Wall: Similar to the Warrior skill of the same name, this skill reduces melee damage received by the Understudy dramatically for a brief time.



Raid composition (10 man)

1 Tank/Offtank
3-4 Healers
5-6 DPS



Raid Leader Assign two people to perform mind control duties. The Offtank cannot be one of these people. DPS’ers, priests and players with Razuvious experience at level 60 are typically the best choices; if your raid is healer heavy (4+) you may be able to assign a healer to this job.

The following macro describes example raid assignments:

/raid Left Mind Controller: [1 Player]
/raid Right Mind Controller: [1 Player]
/raid Raid/OT Healing – [1 Healer]
/raid Understudy Healing – [2-3 Healers]

In the Heroic version of this encounter, both Mind Controllers must be priests. Mind Control Crystals are not provided in the Heroic version of the fight, so both priests must use their Mind Control spell to perform controlling actions instead.

Priest If you are selected as a Mind Controller, ensure you are wearing gear that provides you with a high level of spell hit; otherwise, your Mind Control spell could be resisted.


The accompanying diagram illustrates the positioning your raid should assume before beginning the encounter.

On the Pull

Left Mind Controller Right-click your Mind Control Crystal to control one of the Understudies. Use voice chat to count down and announce this action. Once the Understudy is mind controlled, immediately select Instructor Razuvious and use the Taunt and Shield Wall skills on your pet bar. The Understudy will tank Razuvious.

Offtank When the Left Mind Controller takes control of an Understudy, the encounter will begin. Immediately run down into the arena and begin to tank the remaining hostile Understudy. Do not use armor-reducing debuffs (such as Sunder Armor) to build threat on the Understudy; it’ll be tanking Razuvious later.


Phase 1

Mind Controllers Your Understudies will be tanking Razuvious, but cannot safely tank him unless Shield Wall is active. Consequently, you must take turns tanking him only when Shield Wall is available.

Whenever there’s less than 5 seconds left on your Understudy’s Shield Wall, announce it in voice chat and request that the other Mind Controller take over tanking. Your partner should then use his own Mind Control crystal, target Razuvious, and immediately use Taunt and Shield Wall.

Whenever your Understudy’s Shield Wall skill becomes available again, announce it in voice chat.

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Offtank You will tank one of the Understudies until its Controller takes control. From that point onward, remain in the pit, and tank any Understudy that becomes hostile until mind control is reassumed. Remember not to apply armor-reducing debuffs to the Understudies; you may, however, apply them to Razuvious.

DPS As soon as Razuvious targets an Understudy, DPS him until he dies. The Understudies typically generate a large amount of threat and there is little risk of pulling aggro off of one.

Healers The Understudy Healers should stay focused on healing on Razuvious’ target (should always be an Understudy). If Shield Wall is active on Razuvious’ target, the target will take moderate damage; if Shield Wall goes down, the target will spike unpredictably and take massive damage, so be prepared.

One Raid Healer is assigned to “top off” the Offtank, the other Understudy, and the raid (lifetapping warlocks, etc.).

Raid When Razuvious is killed, the Understudies will not automatically despawn. The Offtank should double tank them while the raid kills them.

Congratulations on defeating the first boss of Naxxramas’ Death Knight wing!

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