Morogrim Tidewalker

by Arphir of Axis [Dark Iron]


A massive sea giant, he serves Lady Vashj for his own purposes.


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HP: 5,700,000

Melee: hits for approx. 4,000 on a tank (6,000 crushing, 8,000 crit). Tidewalker is rumored to have a variable swing timer, meaning that unlike most mobs, his melee attacks occur at random intervals instead of at a consistent rate. This may contribute to Tidewalker’s extremely spiky damage and is the reason many guilds prefer a druid MT with higher HP/armor for this fight.

Tidal Wave: Damages players in an arc in front of Tidewalker for 3938-5062 damage and reduces their attack speed by 400%.

Earthquake: Damages all players within 35 yards for 3000-4000. Packs of 6 murlocs apiece are spawned in the north and south corners and begin to run toward Tidewalker. Murlocs have approx. 17,000 hp and hit a tank for less than 1,000. 45-60 sec cooldown. “The violent earthquake has alerted nearby Murlocs!”

Watery Grave: Occurs only when Tidewalker is above 25% health. Up to 4 players are teleported to locations scattered about the room and encased in a globe of water, taking approx. 6,000 damage over 6 seconds. After 6 seconds the globe explodes, dealing AOE damage to anybody nearby, and the player flies into the air, taking another 1,000 damage or so when they land. Approx. 50 yard range, 30 sec cooldown. “Morogrim Tidewalker sends his enemies to their watery graves!”

Summon Watery Globules: Occurs only when Tidewalker is at or below 25% health. Four floating globes of water are summoned througout the room and float slowly toward players, bursting for 4000-6000 damage on impact. The globes will not leave Tidewalker’s room.



Raid composition

1 Druid MT

1 Paladin AOE Tank

8-9 Healers

14-15 DPS

The ideal raid composition for this strategy includes a Druid main tank with the best gear available, a Protection spec’ed Paladin tank with 14k hp fully buffed, at least one warlock, and at least 4 mages or warlocks combined. The fight tends to favor a larger number of healers, since there is no enrage timer and both the main tank and the raid can take a lot of unexpected damage.


Use the following macro to help assign the roles in your raid:


/raid MT [1 Tank] – Heals: [4 Healers]

/raid Murloc Tank: [1 Paladin Tank] – Heals: [2 Healers]

/raid Lifetap Warlock: [1 Warlock]

/raid Water tomb Heals: [1 Healer] (heal Murloc tank when nobody is tombed)

/raid Raid Healing: [1 Healer]

/raid Raid healers also watch the Main Tank


On the pull

Everyone stands at the southern entrance to Tidewalker’s room. As the tank pulls, move to the positions in the accompanying diagram.

Raid Follow the main tank as he positions Tidewalker. Do not stand directly in front of Tidewalker.

Main Tank The main tank initiates the encounter by running forward and engaging Tidewalker. He then proceeds to move Tidewalker to the far end of the room, directly under the northern entrance, ensuring that Tidewalker faces away from the raid at all times to avoid damage from Tidal Wave.

Hunter During the pull, use all available Misdirects to increase the main tank’s threat.

Paladin , Warlock The paladin tank and one warlock should position themselves in the center of the room, out of Earthquake/Watery Grave range.


Phase 1

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Until Tidewalker reaches 25% health, the raid is focused on healing through Watery Graves and Earthquakes, gathering Murlocs on the paladin tank and AOE’ing them down, and DPS’ing Tidewalker.

Healers The main tank will spike unpredictably, especially after an Earthquake — be prepared, and heal proactively, chaining heal casts and cancelling them at the last moment if the tank doesn’t need it. When an earthquake occurs, watch your threat — do not heal anybody but the main tank until the paladin tank has established aggro on all murlocs.

Mage , Warlock When an Earthquake occurs, move off of DPS’ing Tidewalker and position yourself near the paladin tank so that you are ready to AOE. Use voice chat to initiate the simultaneous use of a frost nova rotation and everybody’s AOE once all murlocs are attacking the paladin. Burst AOE (Seed of Corruption, Arcane Explosion) is generally preferred over channeled AOE (Rain of Fire, Blizzard) here. Return to DPS’ing Tidewalker once all Murlocs are down. Don’t worry if you’re running around a lot; Tidewalker has no enrage timer and the raid’s other DPS will eventually get him down.

Warlock One warlock should stand near the paladin tank, out of the range of Earthquake and Watery Grave, and Lifetap down to about 1,000 HP (do not approach Tidewalker to DPS him). When the paladin tank begins to heal you, Lifetap as necessary so that he does not overheal.

Paladin When the emote “The violent earthquake has alerted nearby Murlocs!” appears, Murlocs will spawn in the north and south corridors. You can’t see them yet, but their threat tables will immediately become active. With Righteous Fury active, immediately begin healing the warlock near you and do not stop until the first pack of Murlocs reaches you. Throw down Consecration and tank both packs of Murlocs.

Repeat this strategy until Tidewalker reaches 25% health. Try to ensure that he rolls over to 25% right after AOE’ers have finished killing the latest pack of Murlocs and you still have at least 10 or 15 seconds before the next Earthquake.


Phase 2

At 25% health, Tidewalker will stop using the Watery Graves ability, and start summoning Watery Globules instead. Since the Globules will despawn at the edge of Tidewalker’s room, all 25 members of the raid must move into the northern hallway, out of the range of the globules.

Position your back against the eastern wall of the corridor. You only need to be 5-10 yards inside the corridor to negate the Watery Globules. Ensure that Tidewalker is facing the wall head on.

Stand immediately behind Tidewalker (this includes the paladin tank).

When Earthquakes occur the designated Paladin should continue to heal anyone who is damaged, and tank arriving Murlocs.

, Warlock When all Murlocs have reached the raid and are attacking the Paladin tank, use voice chat to coordinate AOE. Note that the southern group will arrive much later than the northern. Don’t worry if the northern group hits the paladins for a little while before the southern group arrives. Ideally, your AOE will also damage Tidewalker.

Repeat the above steps until Morogrim Tidewalker is slain. Congratulations!




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