The Eye of Eternity

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Malygos the Spellweaver, one of the original four dragon aspects, lost his mind in combatting the spread  of magic use in the world. These days, it doesn’t matter who you are, if you dare step foot into his realm, he’s determined to stop you.

Malygos is similar in scope to Onyxia in that he’s a solo raid boss housed within his own instance. However, fight and its three distinct phases add new dynamics into the raiding experience. The entire battle must be played out within 10 minutes before the enrage timer is triggered. Starting at five minutes, you will begin to get the occasional enrage timer warning. At the five minute warning, you should hopefully be approximately midway through Phase 2 to finish the fight comfortably.


Gear and consumables

To summon Malygos within the Eye of Eternity, you will need at least one member to have the Key to the Focusing Iris. The Key has a 100 percent drop rate off of Sapphiron in Naxxramas. Note: There are two versions of the Key to the Focusing Iris (the 10- and 25-man versions).

Gear-wise, this fight is a bit more forgiving for DPS than for tanks and healers because perfectly placed Power Sparks can make or break the fight.

However, Malygos is on a 10-minute enrage timer and having a full raid in epic-quality gear is ideal. The entire raid should always be prepared as Maly is one of the most difficult encounters of the raid content which shipped with WotLK, other than Sartharion with drakes left up. Northrend buff foods, up-to-date flasks and an arsenal of pots are crucial.

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6.9 million (10-man)
19.5 million (Heroic)

Phase 1

Arcane Breath: Approximately every 10-15 seconds, Malygos does a frontal cone attack which deals between 18,000-30,000 damage or so to players in front of him. Five seconds after being hit by the breath, anyone affected will explode, damaging nearby allies for approximately 20,000 damage. As of Patch 3.0.8 the Arcane Breath can cause Hunter and Warlock pets to be susceptible and explode. It is assumed this is a bug and will be fixed.

Arcane Storm: Every 10-15 seconds Malygos will randomly target a player, turn toward the raid and will fire arcane missiles that deal approximately 9,000-10,000 arcane damage.

Melee: Malygos hits hard, but his attack is slow. He does not have a tail swipe, so the rest of the raid has free range of movement, with the exception of in front of the dragon.

Power Spark: Unlike Malygos’ other skills, Power Sparks benefit your raid when dealt with properly. Spawned randomly every 20-30 seconds from one of four spawn points (NE, NW, SE, SW), the Power Spark increases Malygos’ damage by 50 percent for 10 seconds if allowed to reach him. Power Sparks take approximately 30 seconds to reach Malygos and are often spawned just before a Vortex.

To counter the buff to Malygos, it should be DPS number one priority to kill the sparks before they reach the dragon. When one is killed it leaves an AoE buff on the ground for one minute that increases player damage by 50 percent. These buffs can be stacked by killing the sparks on top of one another.

Vortex: Every 60 seconds the entire raid will be lifted into the air via Malygos’ Vortex and held there for nine seconds. The vortex does approximately 2,000 damage to each member per second. Only instant cast spells or heals can be used during this time – Circle of Healing, Prayer of Mending and Renews are useful.

Melee should still be able to attack the dragon if close enough and Hunters can still shoot if within the correct range and not too close to the dragon.

Phase 2

Arcane Overload (aka the purple bubbles): Once Malygos takes to the air at approximately 50 percent, purple bolts of light will fall to the platform and explode. These bolts turn into protective shields that cut magic damage taken by 50 percent. All members of the raid should stay within these bubbles at all times, and only move from one to another when there is not a Deep Breath about to happen.

Deep Breath: Deep Breath deals approximately 5,000 Arcane damage per second to the entire raid for five seconds. The ability, however, does not affect raid members flying on discs above the platform. The Deep Breath is prefaced by a “Malygos takes a Deep Breath…” warning. Upon this warning be sure to be underneath one of the bubbles.

Nexus Lords: Two ground-based adds (10-man, 4 for 25-man) that need to be marked, tanked and burned down. When a Nexus Lord dies, his flying disc will become available for members of the raid. Melee players should have priority on this discs and will head into the air to attack the Scions of Eternity.

Nexus Lords’ Arcane Shock:
Deals approximately 10,000 Arcane damage in the 10-man and 15,000 Arcane damage in the 25-man.

Nexus Lords’ Haste:
Dispellable buff on the Nexus Lord that increases his attack speed, casting time and movement by 100 percent for 15 seconds.

Scion of Eternity:
These adds fly around on floating disks out of melee range of the raid. They have no aggro table and will randomly target a player and hit them with Arcane Barrage. Players on the platform can stay within the Bubbles to help protect themselves from this damage. Ranged DPS can target the Scions from the ground as melee attack from on the flying discs. As the Scions die they will drop their discs to the ground allowing more players to attack from the air.

Phase 3

Arcane Pulse: Malygos’ AoE ability instantly hits anyone within 30 yards for 30,000 damage. Easily avoidable by staying away from him.

Surge of Power:
Deals 70,000 damage over a three-second period. It targets one player at a time during the 10-man and three at a time during the 25-man. Targeted players should cash in combo points for Flame Shield to survive.

Static Field: Creates a huge ball of electric power in the air that deals around 10k damage per tick to any drake floating in it. Players need to look out for these and move away as fast as possible. These are larger than they appear, so move away further just to be safe.



Raid Composition

10 man:
1 Main Tank
2-3 Healers (at least one Priest/Druid for group healing abilities)
6-7 DPS

25 man:

1 Tank
1-2 Back-up Tanks (mainly serving as DPS in this fight, unless the tank dies, and in helping to tank the Nexus Lords in Phase 2)
6-7 Healers
15-16 DPS


The following macro describes example raid assignments:

/rw Malygos incoming
/raid Phase 1 MT: [Tank 1]
/raid Power Spark spotters: [player 1], [player 2]
/raid Phase 3 Drake Healers: [player A], [player B]


On the Pull

Main Tank Upon engaging Malygos, the tank should position the dragon facing North with the entire raid spread out on the dragon’s sides.


Phase 1

Raid The entire raid should begin attacking: melee grouped up at Malygos’ side/back, ranged spread out across the platform.

Power Spark Spotters
When a Power Spark is spawned, the designated member(s) of the raid (ideally a Death Knight for the Death Grip ability) should spot the Spark and announce its location to the raid. The spark spotter should continue to monitor the spark and its range to the raid and Malygos.

Keep in mind that Vortex will likely interrupt the smooth handling of the spark. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as those assigned to monitor the spark continue to do their jobs.

When it is within range, the Death Knight should Death Grip the Spark, pulling it to the designated spark location (close enough to the dragon that melee can stand in it to receive the buff and continue to do damage to Malygos). Once the spark is in place the entire raid should burn it down and upon its death, stand in the ground AoE to help boost damage against Malygos.

If there is no available DK, or Death Grip is not available, Druids can root the spark in place. If one gets through the cracks and has not been properly controlled, burn it down as soon as possible so as to avoid it hitting Malygos.

Main Tank, Healers Should a Power Spark get through, the main tank should use any survival tactics available, Shield Wall, Last Stand, etc. to help the healers. And the healers should focus on the tank to keep him standing during the added damage.

If the raid has managed to stack more than one one Power Spark, it is important for all DPS to watch their aggro tables as they will be doing more than 100 percent their normal damage. Make sure to monitor Omen, or use any aggro wipes whenever available.

Every 30 seconds, the entire raid will be picked up in the air thanks to the Vortex. Healers should group/instant heal during the vortex as raid members will also take fall damage when the Vortex is over.

Raid members can position themselves during the Vortex so they are facing correctly for the next ground battle. The raid should face south to position themselves to resume attack on Malygos or they should point in the direction of the next Power Spark if it is getting close enough.

Main Tank
The tank should face North to grab Malygos with ease.

Phase 1 ends when Malygos is at approximately 50 percent health.

Phase 2

Raid Upon the second phase, Malygos will take to the air. Melee will still be able to attack briefly while he is in the air and ranged for even longer. It is worth burning him down as much as possible in order to make Phase 3 a bit easier.

At this point, the Nexus Lords will fly down to attack the raid and the Arcane Bubbles will  begin to spawn on the ground.

The entire raid should group up in the bubble and burn down the Nexus Lords as soon as possible as they are being tanked.

As the bubble the raid is in shrinks, others will spawn. The entire raid should move as a group to the next designated shelter. If necessary, assign one member of the raid to call out all movements.

Melee DPS
As each Nexus Lord dies, a melee-DPS member should hop on the flying disc and head up to contend with the flying Scions of Eternity.

Healers Group healing is key and all precautions should be taken to avoid having any raid members outside the bubble as Malygos’ Deep Breath hits the platform.

Raid Members on the flying discs are safe from Deep Breath. Ranged DPS should continue to burn down the Scions from the platform. Do not worry about going OOM or burning all your tricks and cooldowns during Phase 2 as you not need them in Phase 3.

As the last Scion dies, the encounter will transition to the final phase

Phase 3

Once all the Scions are dispatched, raid members on the flying discs will be dropped to the ground where the entire group has a few seconds to collect themselves. Move the entire raid to the southern side of the platform so everyone will start out in the same area once the platform breaks apart.

Raid Leader When the platform does break up, everyone will be dropped onto red drakes below.

All the drakes have the same abilities, therefore you will want to assign raid healers before the fight starts. In a 10-man raid, two to three people can be assigned to healing roles while the remainder are DPS. In a 25-man you will want anywhere from five to nine healers. When starting out, you will want more healers, though as the group becomes familiar and comfortable with the battle you can take away a healer or two and add to the DPS pools.

Button 1: Flame Spike – 10 Energy, deals 943-1,057 damage and gives you one combo point.

Button 2: Engulf in Flames – 50 Energy, finishing move – stacking fire DoT, lasts longer per combo point. High stacks of this ability are the key to killing Malygos before he hits his Berserk timer.
1 point: 6 seconds
2 points: 10 seconds
3 points: 14 seconds
4 points: 18 seconds
5 points: 22 seconds

Button 3: Revivify – 10 Energy, heals the target for 500 HP every second for 10 seconds, stacks up to five times and gives you a combo point.

Button 4: Life Burst – 50 Energy, the “finishing move” for healers – heals your target and every raid member within 60 yards for a base 2,500 plus an additional 2,500 per combo point, up to 15,000. Upon casting you also receive a buff that increases your healing by 50 percent. The buff duration goes up with each additional combo point.
1 point: 5,000 group heal/5-second buff duration
2 points: 7,500/10
3 points: 10,000/15
4 points: 12,500/20
5 points: 15,0000/25

Button 5: Flame Shield – 25 Energy, finishing move – your combo points are cashed in for a shield that reduces incoming damage by 80 percent. This ability is crucial for use when Malygos is about to cast Surge of power on you.

Button 6: Blazing Speed – Essentially a sprint that allows you to move 500 percent faster for a brief period in order to avoid Static Fields.


Raid Leader In the Heroic version of the encounter, once you fly up to be in line with Malygos, you will want to keep groups together and have them move as packs. If necessary, put raid icons on a member in each group.

In the 10-man it is a little more forgiving, just stay close, but not on top of one another. Spread out along Malygos’ sides, staying more than 30-yards away from him at all times in order to avoid the Arcane Pulse.

Should Malygos spawn a Static Field, anyone within its borders will want to get out as soon as possible, If necessary, Blazing Speed can be used for the extra boost to clear the Field without taking too much damage.

As you burn down Malygos he will occasionally target a raid member and the following warning will come up “Malygos fixes his eyes on [Player 1].” Upon that warning, the targeted player will have Malygos’ three second cast time to prepare for being hit by Surge of Power. To survive, they will need to cast Flame Shield upon themselves.

While the first two phases are not all that different from 10-man to Heroic, the biggest changes come during the drake battle. Instead of just targeting one player with the Surge of Power, Malygos targets three at one time. All three players will have to cast Flame Shield upon themselves.

Listed below are DPS and Healer rotations  that will ensure that the players always have enough energy to cast the shield.

Drake DPS DPS will want to follow an attack plan in order to always have enough energy should they be targeted by Malygos. In general quickly get up two Flame Strikes, regenerate to 85 Energy, Engulf in Flames, repeat… Theoretically you should always be able to have two combo points available in order to throw up Flame Shield should you need to. If you are the target of his gaze just after casting Engulf in Flames and have followed the pattern, you should still have enough energy to cast two Flame Spikes and the shield before Surge hits you.

Drake Healers
Those assigned to healing duty throughout the third phase will need to have their standard raid frames available to target other players, Addons, like Grid, are not conducive for targeting members (technically you won’t be targeting the member, but their drake).

A good healing rotation is as follows: Revivify Player 1, Revivify Player 2, Revivify Player 3, Revivify Player 4, Regenerate to 85 Energy, Revivify Player 5, Life Burst Player 5, repeat…

On top of keeping a good base of healing up on the raid, the healers should always have enough energy to cast a second Revivify on their current target and throw their shield up should they be targeted by Malygos.

Continue burning Malygos down as quickly as possible, paying heed to the Static Fields and the Surge calls.

Upon his death, Alexstrasza will come to your raid and deliver your rewards.

Of note, should any of your raid members die during the battle, it is impossible to rez them. Have them wait until the battle is complete and have them return to the instance. Upon entering they will fall onto the back of a red drake and will be able to catch up with the group.



The following are all available in Heroic and Regular raids:

The Spellweaver’s Downfall – Defeat Malygos.
You Don’t Have an Eternity – Complete the encounter in less than 5 minutes.
A Poke in the Eye – Defeat Malygos with fewer than 9/21.
Denying the Scion – Deliver a killing blow to a Scion of Eternity while riding on a hover disk.


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