Leotheras the Blind

by Arphir of Axis [Dark Iron]


One of the Blood Elves trained as a Demon Hunter by Illidan himself, Leotheras was driven mad by the insidious whispering of his own inner demons…

After the pull is completed and the three Greyheart Spellbinders are destroyed, the fight will alternate between two time-based Phases. In Phase One, Leotheras is in his Human Form and uses the corresponding abilities; in Phase Two, he switches to Demon Form, then reverts to Human Form at the end of the Phase. When Leotheras reaches 15% health, regardless of the current phase, he immediately begins a lengthy emote and then enters Phase Three, in which his Demon Form has escaped his body and the raid must deal with both forms at the same time; however, the Demon Form loses the Insidious Whisper (Inner Demon) ability during this phase.


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HP: 3,500,000

Enrage: Ten minutes after entering combat, Leotheras’ speed and strength will increase dramatically, and he will quickly kill anyone left standing.


Human Form

Melee: Leotheras hits a tank for light damage (around 3500 per strike with his main hand, and 1500 per strike with his offhand).

Whirlwind: Every 15 seconds or so, Leotheras will stop melee’ing his aggro target. He will begin to spin around the room at very high speeds. Leotheras will randomly select a target, and rush toward that target for a second or two; then he will randomly select a new target, and rush toward that target. This process continues for about 10 seconds, at which point Leotheras drops all aggro and attacks the first person who gains threat against him. The new melee period will last about 15-20 seconds, and then he will Whirlwind again.

Players caught in Leotheras’ Whirlwind will immediately suffer 3,000 physical damage; this damage is mitigated by armor. They will also become afflicted by a debuff which deals 2,500 physical damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. The debuff may be removed by abilities such as Ice Block, Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, etc.


Demon Form

Chaos Blast: In Demon Form, Leotheras will attack his aggro target with a ranged ability that deals 150 fire damage to his target and any other player within about 8 yards. Chaos Blast also applies a stackable debuff to anyone it hits which increases fire damage received by 1,675. This debuff will expire after 45 seconds of not being reapplied. The damage dealt initially by Chaos Blast is very weak, but quickly increases.

Insidious Whisper: While in Demon Form, Leotheras will command the Inner Demons of five members of the raid to emerge. These demons have about 10,000 HP each and can only be damaged or debuffed by the player from whom they emerged. The demon will attack only its host, dealing moderate melee damage or firing Shadow Bolts which do about 3,500 damage. It takes increased damage from arcane, nature, and holy spells. If a player afflicted by Insidious Whisper is unable to kill his Inner Demon before the end of Phase 2, he will be permanently mind controlled for the duration of the encounter.


Greyheart Spellbinder (x3)

HP: 110,000

Melee: Hits for light damage on a tank.

Mind Blast: Spellbinders will periodically target a nearby member of the raid and cast an AOE Mind Blast on that player and any player within about 12 yards of them, causing around 3,500 damage per target.



Raid composition

1 Main Tank

2 Offtanks (DPS Warrior/Feral Druid)

1 Warlock

8 Healers

14 DPS


Gear requirements

To mitigate the escalating fire damage done by Chaos Blast, one warlock will tank Leotheras’ Demon Form wearing high Fire Resistance. A high FR value not only reduces the amount of damage dealt to you by Chaos Blast, but also increases the likelihood that you will fully resist reapplications of the Chaos Blast debuff — increasing the chance that it will fall off altogether.

You should wear gear prioritizing FR and Stamina above other stats. Your goal is to reach 375 FR when fully raid buffed. Additional FR past 375 is ineffective, but it’s better to be a few points over than a few points under. A Paladin in your party can provide 70 FR with his Fire Resistance Aura. Acquiring the full Infernoweave set will provide you with 200 FR; the rest can be attained by accumulating green FR gear, or some of the items below:

No one else in the raid needs to wear FR gear. When tanking Leotheras’ Demon Form, it is also highly desirable to be Soul Link spec’ed. If you are running a Soul Link build, be sure to place your Felhunter about 12 yards away from where you will stand while tanking Leotheras to ensure it is not hit by Chaos Blast.



Use the following macro to help assign the roles in your raid:


/raid MT: [1 Tank] – Heals: [3 Healers]

/raid Raid Healing – [2 Healers]

/raid Warlock Tank: [1 Warlock] – Heals: [3 Healers]

/raid Warlock Healers also heal his pet!


On the pull

One tank should take each Greyheart Spellbinder. Initiate aggro and position each Spellbinder at least 20 yards away from the others. When the Main Tank’s target dies, he should move to stand in front of Leotheras. When the last Spellbinder dies, Leotheras will unbanish and should be picked up immediately by the MT. Leotheras should then be brought to the middle of the room as indicated in the accompanying diagram.

Once the tanks have established aggro, kill the Spellbinders one at a time, beginning with the Main Tank’s target. Stay spread out at all times so that there are no more than 2-3 players within 8 yards of you; this will minimize the damage dealt by AOE Mind Blasts. Heal anyone in the raid who takes damage. Once all three Spellbinders die, the Main Tank will acquire Leotheras and move him to the center of the room. Leotheras may be damaged during this time, but don’t pull aggro.

The Warlock tank should apply Curse of Doom to Leotheras as soon as he becomes active. Other warlocks should not use Curse of Doom in this fight.


Phase 1

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Ranged DPS
When Phase 1 begins, apply DoTs to Leotheras (do not reapply them, or you may pull aggro at the end of his Whirlwind). Damage him until he begins Whirlwinding. Leotheras will move very quickly while whirlwinding; back away from him, and keep 25-30 yards of distance between Leotheras and yourself at all times. As you become more comfortable with this fight, it’s OK to nuke Leotheras during his whirlwind, but do not DoT him, and make sure you’ve stopped your DPS before Whirlwind ends (at which point he will reset aggro). Once Whirlwind has ended, and a tank has regained aggro on Leotheras, you may reapply your DoTs one time and resume DPS. Watch the timer for Demon Form, and stop your DPS two or three seconds before Leotheras enters Demon Form. Note that sometimes there will be less than ten seconds left on the Demon Form timer when Leotheras finishes a Whirlwind; you should not reapply DoTs at this time. If you get aggro after a Whirlwind, immediately run to the Main Tank.

Melee DPS
Damage Leotheras. Stop your DPS and run away from him 4-5 seconds before he Whirlwinds. Maintain a distance of at least 25 yards between yourself and Leotheras while he is moving around the room; when he finishes Whirlwind, run back in. Resume your DPS as soon as you see that a tank has regained aggro. Watch the timer for Demon Form, and stop your DPS two or three seconds before Leotheras enters Demon Form. If you get aggro after a Whirlwind, immediately run to the Main Tank.

The Main Tank should maintain aggro on Leotheras until he Whirlwinds. During Whirlwind, the Main Tank should follow Leotheras as he moves around the room, trying to remain as close to him as possible. The Offtanks should remain about 20 yards away from during this time, near the raid on

When Leotheras stops Whirlwinding, the Main Tank should pick him up immediately. If he runs away, all three tanks should try to catch him, and bring him back to the center of the room, where the Main Tank can continue building threat.

The Warlock assigned to tank Leotheras’ Demon Form should damage Leotheras during this phase like the rest of the DPS. 10 seconds or so before Demon Form, he should apply DoTs to Leotheras and begin to spam Searing Pain with the objective of grabbing aggro immediately when Phase 2 begins.

Heal the tank on Leotheras. During a Whirlwind, the Main Tank will be shadowing Leotheras, and will constantly take damage from the Whirlwind bleed effect which must be healed. Other members of the raid, particularly the Offtanks, may also be struck by the Whirlwind if their positioning is off; make sure to heal these people quickly and apply HoTs to them, as people struck by Whirlwind will take up to 15,500 damage over 15 seconds. Make sure that you yourself are always at least 25 yards away from Leotheras, and as he moves around the room during a Whirlwind, adjust your position to maintain this distance.

Paladin, Mage
If you are hit by Leotheras’ Whirlwind, you can use Divine Shield or Ice Block to remove the bleed effect. Blessing of Protection can also be used to remove it; reserve this for key players in the raid such as the Warlock tank, or for players who have reached dangerously low health.


Phase 2

Leotheras will be temporarily overcome by his demon side, and will assume Demon Form. He will remain stationary wherever he transformed, while firing Chaos Blasts at his aggro target. Around 30 seconds into the phase, he will call forth the Inner Demons of five random members of the raid (excluding his aggro target).

The Warlock tank should continue DoT’ing and spamming Searing Pain on Leotheras. Curse of Doom should detonate right at the beginning of this phase, giving you a sizeable aggro lead over the DPS. 10-15 seconds before this phase ends, reapply Curse of Doom; Phase 1 will last 45 seconds, so if you time it correctly, your next CoD will detonate just as Leotheras transforms back into Demon Form.

Wait for the Warlock tank to establish aggro, then damage Leotheras. If you are afflicted by Insidious Whisper, immediately kill your Inner Demon; healers in particular should be sure to capitalize on the demon’s vulnerability to holy, nature, and arcane damage.

Do not stand near the Warlock tank during this phase.

Heal the Warlock tank and anyone else who takes damage. Your priorities are the Warlock and anybody who is battling their Inner Demon; these people are focused on killing their Demon as quickly as possible, so they cannot heal themselves. Be aware that the Warlock tank will take more and more damage as Phase 2 progresses due to the stacking Chaos Blast debuff.


Phase 3

When Leotheras reaches 15% health, his Demon Form will escape his control and emerge from him. When Leotheras is killed, this demon will despawn.

The Warlock tank should pick up Leotheras’ Demon Form and tank it normally as in Phase 2.

Execution during this Phase will resemble Phase One; continue to DPS Leotheras’ human form, avoid Whirlwinds, and pause damage and healing for a few seconds during aggro wipes. Stay away from the Warlock tank at all times. Be aware that a greater number of players are likely to suffer damage from Whirlwinds during this phase, since players now have less room to maneuver on the south end of the room due to the Warlock tank. Healing will already be strained due to the accumulating debuffs on the Warlock tank, so this is the time to burn health potions, healthstones, etc.


Continue damaging Leotheras until he’s dead. Congratulations!





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