Ulduar: Halls of Stone

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At the northernmost reaches of Northrend, part of the ancient Titan city of Ulduar is visible and seems to be part of The Storm Peak mountains, rather than simply built upon them. Within Ulduar, there are 2 5-man instances as well as a raid dungeon. The first 5-man you will be able to run are the Halls of Stone, which is designed for players level 77-79.

On normal difficulty, there are 3 bosses and an escort event that yields loot via a chest in the Tribunal of Ages. The bosses you will encounter are Krystallus, Maiden of Grief, and Sjonnir the Ironshaper.

A decent group should be able to clear this instance in about 40 minutes.

The only quest that you complete in normal Halls of Stone is the Bronzebeard Event. You can pick up the quest from Brann Bronzebeard inside the instance, this starts the escort. The quest is shareable, so you can make sure everyone in your group gets it.

You will need to fly or be summoned to reach Halls of Stone.


Gear and consumables

Like most Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, the Heroic version of this instance is tuned for players who are using high quality level 80 gear, as well as the best flasks and food buffs available. Getting the best possible gear for your character will make this fight a whole lot easier.

In WotLK, professions can be used to craft high quality epic gear. Most raid bosses also drop an epic bind-on-equip item. These items are the easiest way to get your character geared up fast, but they’re expensive to craft or buy on the AH. The easiest way to get your hands on them is to use a guide like WoW Gold Secrets, which has tips for making several thousand gold per day. This is a great way to save time and clear instances faster.

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Halls of Stone is an open plan dungeon, for the most part. You can do the bosses in almost any order, the one exception is that you must have Brann Bronzebeard with you to start the encounter with Sjonnir.

A = Entrance

1 = Maiden of Grief

2 = Krystallus

3 = Brann Bronzebeard (friendly)

4 = Tribunal Chest (loot!)

5 = Sjonnir the Ironshaper

(Instance map from Atlas.)


Hall of the High Father

This is the hub of Halls of Stone, the corridors that connect all of the boss encounters. You will generally have to pull 2 or 3 Iron Dwarves at once, sometimes with an Iron Golem. You may also encounter a giant or two.

The trash generally comes in the following varieties:

Dark Rune Warrior — 45516 HP. Normal melee damage 930-1238

  • Cleave – deals 1551-1868 physical damage to target and nearest ally, can hit for 4k damage on cloth
  • Heroic Strike – deals 898-1267 damage to a single target

Dark Rune Theurgist — 36412 HP. Normal melee damage 752-1013

  • Lightning Bolt – inflicts 1613-1995 nature damage to a target
  • Forked Lightning – deals 2425-2671 nature damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster

Unrelenting Construct — 45516 HP. Normal melee damage 929-1242, capable of 2k crits

  • Electrical Overload – an arcane AoE dealing 1830-2251 damage
  • Charge – randomly charges at an enemy, knocking them down (note: this didn’t seem to interrupt my casting, I suspect it’s a bug)
  • Capacitor Discharge – an electrical spark hits a random location, dealing 259-387 damage to all nearby enemies

Dark Rune Elementalist — 45516 HP. Normal melee damage 901-1232

  • Lightning Bolt – deals 1799-1954 damage to a target
  • Lightning Shield – returns 551-670 damage to an attacker for each hit, 3 charges
  • Summoned Air Elemental Lightning Bolt – deals 1500-1600 nature damage

Raging Construct — 47050 HP. Normal melee damage 1058-1609, 2k crits possible

  • Arcing Smash – deals 1298-1614 physical damage to enemies in a cone in front of the caster, healing effects are also reduced by 50%

Dark Rune Giant — 94160 HP. Normal melee damage 1350-1779

  • Stomp – deals 300-450 damage to nearby enemies, stunning them for ~3 seconds


The Crystalline Quarter

This cave on the western side of the dungeon will lead you to Krystallus. It’s usually quickest to do this boss first, you can easily jump back down into The Hall of the High Father and proceed to Maiden of Grief after you defeat Krystallus.

In The Crystalline Quarter, you will have to clear plenty of Crystalline Shardlings, they each have about 11379 HP and can easily be AoE’d.

You will also encounter Iron Dwarves such as:

Dark Rune Shaper — 47080 HP. Normal melee damage 984-1422

  • Chiseling Ray – inflicts 1619-1929 damage to a target, plus 500-550 additional damage per tick

Dark Rune Worker — 45516 HP. Normal melee damage 755-1357

Dark Rune Controller — 47080 HP. Normal melee damage 856-1312

  • Shadow Word: Pain – deals about 1400 damage every 3 seconds
  • Eroded Shardling Minion – deals about 300 melee damage



You will find this rock giant boss deep in The Crystalline Quarter.

Krystallus has 286,112 HP and deals about 1834-2291 normal melee damage, but crits of 4k+ are possible.



  • Boulder Toss – hits for 2253-2419 damage
  • Stomp – deals about 750 damage to all nearby enemies

“Break… you…”

  • Shatter – deals damage to all enemies while turned to stone, damage is based on proximity to your party members
  • Petrifying Grip – turns enemies to stone
  • Ground Slam – knocks all enemies back ~15 yards


The Krystallus encounter is very much like Gruul the Dragonkiller, but without the “Grows”.

Throughout the fight, he will knock everyone in your party back. There is a hole in the side of the cave behind the boss, do not stand between the boss and this hole or you will probably get knocked back to the entrance of The Crystalline Quarter.

Almost immediately after the knockback, everyone will get Petrifying Grip. You have 3-4 seconds to get 20 yards away from your party members. You will be turned to stone and Krystallus will Shatter you. Your shards will hit anyone near you and vice versa, for more damage the closer you are or the more party members are nearby.

When he’s not knocking you back and shattering you, this encounter is otherwise a tank-and-spank.


After you defeat Krystallus, you can simply hop down the hole behind him and head south through The Hall of the High Father to Maiden of Grief.

Normal Mode Loot

Hollow Geode Helm

Leggings of Burning Gleam

Brann’s Lost Mining Helmet


Maiden of Grief

She looks quite like Maiden of Virtue in Karazhan. Some players humorously suppose this is what happens when you don’t marry the Maiden of Virtue. Despite appearance, the encounter is somewhat different.

Maiden of Grief has 273,938 HP and deals 2143-2649 melee damage.

“You shouldn’t have come… now you will die!”


  • Parting Sorrow – an anti-mana bolt inflicts a target, consuming mana and dealing 1 point of damage for each 1 mana point consumed
  • Pillar of Woe – deals 1760-1969 shadow damage to a target, then inflicts 780-944 damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds

“So much lost time… that you’ll never get back!”

  • Shock of Sorrow – deals 1966-2317 shadow damage to a target and incapacitates your party for 6 seconds, damage breaks this effect
  • Storm of Grief – casts a storm of shadow that will deal 1076-131 damage to enemies in the affected area, then 375-448 damage every second for up to 20 seconds


This encounter requires everyone to pay attention and be ready to move. In addition to watching for the Storm of Grief, you must move out of the Void Zones that appear on the floor to avoid unnecessary damage. A void zone may also be used to the advantage of your healer. If a healer stands next to a Void Zone, s/he can move into it momentarily when Maiden of Grief is casting Shock of Sorrow. This will break the incapacitate effect that follows.

Shock of Sorrow may also cause an aggro dump, so the tank should try to taunt the boss as she’s casting the spell to make sure the tank is the one attacked afterward, which will break the incapacite effect on the tank.

The Maiden’s DoT abilities can be dispelled by a Pally or Priest. A shadow protection buff or aura will reduce damage taken during this encounter as well.

A Paladin can also use Hand of Sacrifice to get out of the incapacitate effect when the boss hits the tank, but this skill will still be on cooldown the next time she casts Shock of Sorrow. It’s also possible to bubble out of the incapacitate if necessary. For a Warrior, Berserker Rage will also remove the effect if the boss happens to wander to the squishy DPS after Shock of Sorrow.

If a Rogue uses Mind-Numbing Poison, it can effectively reduce the Maiden’s cast speed and give your group a few more seconds to DPS and prepare for the stun.

“I hope you all rot! I never… wanted… this.”

Normal Mode Loot

Ringlet of Repose

Embrace of Sorrow

Chain of Fiery Orbs


The Tribunal of Ages

This is the eastern wing of the dungeon. Here you will find the Dwarf, Brann Bronzebeard. You can take a quest from him that will begin the Bronzebeard Event.

In this wing, you will have to clear mobs like:

Lightning Construct — 94160 HP. Normal melee damage 1301-1869

  • Electrical Overload – an arcane AoE dealing 1718-1850 damage
  • Chain Lightning – deals 2462-2680 nature damage to a target and 2 nearby enemies

Dark Rune Scholar — 47080 HP. Normal melee damage 459-1182

  • Static Arrest – deals about 1300 damage to a target to counter a spell being cast, also makes the target unable to cast the spell again for 4 seconds


Bronzebeard Event

Your objective is to escort Brann Bronzebeard safely to the room at the end of the hall, where he can learn the secrets of the Halls of Stone, defend him as he figures out how to hack into the archives, and then defeat Sjonnir with him.

You’ll first work your way south after receiving his quest. If someone begins the event before you’ve accepted the quest, you can ask them to share it with you. When you reach the end of the hall, Bronzebeard will start trying to gain access to the information he needs, and adds will start spawning at the door. In addition to the adds, there are also female faces carved in stone on either side of the room. The eyes will open to shoot members of your party randomly with Searing Gaze, which will hit for about 450-600 damage.

Some decent AoE DPS is almost essential for this event, but every bit will help. I’d suggest even a Shaman use their Magma Totem, especially if you have no Mage or Warlock in your group.

The tank in your group should be near the door to pick up adds, this is probably easiest for a Prot Pally, but as the event goes on the adds will come more frequently. This may become too much for many tanks.

A lot of healing will be necessary and there is no time to stop and drink, so healers may need to use buff food, elixirs, and/or mana oil to increase their mana regen for this event.

Finally, Bronzebeard will end the encounter by over-riding the security of the archive system. You can get your loot from the Tribunal Chest at this point, but the quest is not completed until you defeat Sjonnir the Ironshaper. You can hang out for a couple minutes and learn the secrets of Halls of Stone with Bronzebeard, or you can tell him to come back on his own time.

Normal Mode Loot

Constellation Leggings

Cosmos Vestments

Linked Armor of the Sphere


Sjonnir the Ironshaper

Brann Bronzebeard will go into “stealth mode” after the event in The Tribunal of Ages, but he’ll reappear to open the door to Sjonnir after you’ve cleared the trash surrounding it. His room is at the northern end of the Hall of the High Father.

Sjonnir the Ironshaper has 365,250 HP. He can deal about 1391-3148 normal melee damage.

“Soft, vulnerable shells. Brief, fragile lives. You cannot escape the curse of flesh!”


  • Lightning Shield – has a 50% chance to deal 950-1050 nature damage to an attacker for each successful attack received, has 10 charges
  • Lightning Ring – inflicts 995-1285 nature damage to nearby enemies and increases their damage received by 10% for 10 seconds
  • Chain Lightning – deals 1795-2282 nature damage to a target and then jumps to 2 additional enemies
  • Static Charge – the target of this debuff will zap nearby party members, causing about 1000 nature damage

Adds also spawn from either side of Sjonnir’s room:

Forged Iron Dwarf — 18262 HP. Normal melee damage ~385

  • Lightning Tether – inflicts 200-250 nature damage per second for 5 seconds

Forged Iron Trogg — 9131 HP. Normal melee damage ~250

  • Lightning Shock – deals 240-309 nature damage to a target


You generally have 2 choices, to kill the adds or not to kill the adds, depending on what your group is capable of. Ignoring the adds will turn this into a DPS race to kill the boss before the adds kill your healer, which won’t take long once they build up. It’s best for most groups to kill the adds.

2 of your DPS can be assigned to adds. They can each stand on the platforms on either side of the boss to pick up the adds as they spawn, leaving the 3rd DPS on Sjonnir.

During the encounter the boss will cast Lightning Ring, which is channeled. The tank and any melee DPS near the boss should move away from this AoE effect. On it’s own it doesn’t cause much damage, but they will get a stacking debuff that increases damage received by 10% for each stack, and seems to stack up to 8 times at least. This makes healing much more difficult.

He also buffs himself with a Lightning Shield that can do quite a bit of damage to DPS. They can stop attacking while Sjonnir has a shield on, so the healer can concentrate on the tank. Otherwise a Shaman can Purge this shield, a Priest can Dispel it, or a Mage can Spellsteal it.

Everyone needs to watch for Static Discharge also. We wouldn’t want to inadvertently kill our friends.

After ~20%, Sjonnir will become Enraged, his attack speed will increase 50% and his damage will increase 100%. If you’ve had DPS controlling the adds, they can probably start burning the boss at this point and ignore the adds.

“Loken will not rest, until the forge is retaken. You changed nothing!”

Normal Mode Loot

Static Cowl

Amulet of Wills

Ironshaper’s Legplates




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