Drak’Tharon Keep

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Located in northwest Grizzly Hills, directly on its’ border with Zul’Drak, you will find Drak’Tharon Keep. It is accessible from both zones (similar to Blackrock Mountain). This fortress which was once home of the Drakkari ice trolls is now completely in the hands of the Scourge, and under the control of the Lich King. As you enter you may notice many trolls fleeing the structure.

There are 4 bosses here in total: Trollgore, Novos the Summoner, King Dred, and The Prophet Tharon’ja, but King Dred is technically optional. On normal mode, this instance is intended for a 5-man group of players level 74 to 76. A competent and decently geared group should be able to clear the dungeon in less than an hour with no wipes.

As you work your way through the instance, you will most often be up against undead Drakkari trolls as well as some bats, a few spiders, and several raptor mobs. If CC is necessary, the trolls can be shackled by a priest.


Gear and consumables

Like most Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, the Heroic version of this instance is tuned for players who are using high quality level 80 gear, as well as the best flasks and food buffs available. Getting the best possible gear for your character will make this fight a whole lot easier.

In WotLK, professions can be used to craft high quality epic gear. Most raid bosses also drop an epic bind-on-equip item. These items are the easiest way to get your character geared up fast, but they’re expensive to craft or buy on the AH. The easiest way to get your hands on them is to use a guide like WoW Gold Secrets, which has tips for making several thousand gold per day. This is a great way to save time and clear instances faster.

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There are 3 quests that can be completed inside Drak’Tharon Keep, if you have done the precursors. They can be completed in a single run.

Cleansing Drak’Tharon – Drakuru wants you to collect 5 Enduring Mojo inside Drak’Tharon Keep (which you can loot from some of the trolls) and then use Drakuru’s Elixir at the brazier inside the instance, to summon his spirit there. (You can reach the brazier after defeating The Prophet Tharon’ja.)

Search and Rescue – Mack Fearsen at Granite Springs asks you to find out what’s happened to Kurzel, an “impatient green-skin” who’s gone missing. (She can be found in the Draknid Lair inside Drak’Tharon Keep.)

Head Games – When you find Kurzel, she gives you a Blouse Scrap and asks you to stain it with the ichor of Novos the Summoner and then take it to Mack Fearsen. (To turn Kurzel’s Blouse Scrap into Ichor-Stained Cloth, you must select the corpse of Novos and then click the Blouse Scrap.)


In order to be offered these quests, you must work your way through the chains that begin with:

Truce – Use the Dull Carving Knife next to Drakuru’s cage and then speak to him to make a blood pact.

Seared Scourge – Use Mack’s grog outside Drak’Tharon Keep to burn 20 Famished Scourge Trolls. This quest becomes a daily.


To talk to Drakuru, you must first do:

Filling the Cages – Samir at Granite Springs wants you to take ‘Ol Budd to Drak’Zin Ruins. Stun a troll using Budd and then use the Bounty Hunter’s Cage to capture it and deliver the troll to Samir.


To talk to Mack Fearsen, you must first do:

Scourgekabob – Prigmon at Granite Springs asks you to carry a Mummified Troll Carcass to Mack Fearsen and drop it on the pile of burning trolls. This quest becomes available after you’ve completed 3 of Drakuru’s quests.





A = Entrance

1 = Trollgore

2 = Novos the Summoner

B = Connection from Aviary to Raptor Pens

3 = King Dred

4 = The Prophet Tharon’ja

C = Exit route

Instance map from Atlas. Blue line added to (roughly) indicate your path through the dungeon.



Hall of Departure


After zoning into Drak’Tharon Keep, you must travel down this long corridor fighting your way through trash mobs such as:

Risen Drakkari Warrior — 44004 HP. Normal melee damage 1584-1896, possible 3k-4k crits.

  • Ghost Strike – deals 110% weapon damage and decreases target’s chance to dodge
  • Crush Armor – reduces a target’s armor by 10% for 30 seconds, can stack up to 10 times
  • Heal – can heal a friendly target for about 20k health

Risen Drakkari Soul Mage — 41128 HP. Normal melee damage 900-1760

  • Knockdown – inflicts about 150 damage to a target, causing a stun
  • Blood Siphon – drains about 1200-1900 life from nearby enemies in a cone in front of the soul mage, healing itself for 3500-5600 health
  • Shadow Blast – deals 1200-2000 shadow damage and causes a knockback
  • Shadow Void – creates a circle of shadow for 10 seconds on the ground nearby, standing in the circle will cause 1100-1600 damage per second.
  • Heal – can heal a friendly target for about 20k health

Scourge Reanimator — 42540 HP. Normal melee damage 975-1230. Reanimates corpses with very little HP.

  • Cripple – reduces strength by 50%, slows movement speed by 50%, increases time between attacks by 100%. Debuff lasts 10 seconds, can be dispelled.
  • Frostbolt – inflicts 1735-2029 damage and slows the target’s movement speed for 4 seconds.
  • Unholy Frenzy – increases the attack speed of an ally by 35% for 15secnds and inflicts about 250 damage to that ally every 2 seconds for the duration

Your top priority as you work your way down the Hall of Departure should be staying out of Shadow Voids. They look just like the Voids in the Grand Warlock Nethekurse encounter in Shattered Halls or Netherspite in Karazhan. It’s best to move forward or to either side to get out of a Shadow Void, but moving backward will be too slow.



The Warlord’s Terrace

When you reach the end of the Hall of Departure, you will see 2 sets of stairs. You want to go up the stairs on the right to get to The Warlord’s Terrace where you’ll find Trollgore after clearing the following trash:

Flesheating Ghoul — 41128 HP. Normal melee damage 900-1900.

  • Pierce Armor – reduces a target’s armor by 30% for 10 seconds
  • Frenzy – increases its’ physical damage dealt by 75, and attack speed by 30%, for 2 minutes.

Wretched Belcher — 53175 HP. Normal melee damage 800-1250.

  • Cleave – deals 110% its’ normal melee damage to target and 2 other nearby enemies
  • Bile Vomit – deals 1245-1500 nature damage and about 1000 damage every 2 seconds to any enemies in a cone in front of the Belcher
  • Disease Cloud – surrounds self in a cloud of disease, nearby enemies take 250-300 nature damage every second

Ghoul Tormentor — 39760 HP. Normal melee damage 900-1000.

  • Cleave – inflicts 1273-1365 damage (150% normal damage) to target and another nearby enemy.
  • Flesh Rot – deals 1400-2200 damage and then 400-800 damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds.

It’s best to pull these mobs through the little hallway that connects The Warlord’s Terrace with the Hall of Departure, individually when possible or in small groups. It’s a good idea to have someone in the group that can cure diseases.




He stands at the top of the stairs in The Warlord’s Terrace, you must defeat him in order to proceed through the instance to Novos. This boss has 220k HP and deals 1000-2390 normal melee damage.


  • Infected Wound – a debuff that increases target’s damage taken by 15% for 10 seconds

“So hungry! Must feed!”

  • Consume – deals 1800-2600 shadow damage to enemies within 50 yards. He gains a 5% damage increase for every every enemy damaged

“Corpse go boom!”

  • Corpse Explode – infects a nearby Drakkari Invader corpse, the corpse will explode in a few seconds dealing 4000-4800 damage to enemies in a 5 yard radius of the corpse
  • Crush – inflicts 150% of his normal melee damage to the target


During the encounter, non-elite Drakkari Invaders will spawn and attack the boss, they will be killed by Trollgore’s Consume ability and he will later explode them. The damage from Corpse Explode will mostly affect your tank and melee DPS, since the Invaders are usually killed by Trollgore in his melee range.

The fight is mostly a DPS race, since each time he damages an enemy with Consume, he will gain a stacking buff.

If your group lacks DPS or your tank is not very well-geared, you may be able to pull Trollgore away from where the Invaders are spawning (more than 50yards away), and have one of your DPS kill them all. This would reduce the number of enemies affected by Consume, thus reducing the number of times Trollgore’s buff will stack. It would also keep the Invader corpses away from the boss, decreasing the damage your party will take from Corpse Explode. Your healer would have to be positioned between your tank and the DPS that’s handling the Invaders.

On normal mode, most groups will do just fine without needing to use such a strategy. The objective is for the DPS in your group to burn his health down before he gets so buffed by Consume that your tank takes too much damage and your healer can’t keep him up.


Normal Mode Loot

Infection Resistant Legguards

Berserker’s Horns

Troll Butcherer


Draknid Lair

After you defeat Trollgore, you can proceed to the Draknid Lair, on your way to Novos the Summoner. The Draknid Lair is a room full of spiders, between The Warlord’s Terrace and the Temple of the Forgotten.

Darkweb Recluse — 42540 HP. Normal melee damage 1187-1461, up to 3.4k crit possible

  • Poison Spit – inflicts about 600 damage to a target every 2 seconds for 8 seconds
  • Encasing Webs – encases an enemy in webs, immobilizing them and decreasing casting speed by 100% for 6 seconds

These elite Recluse spiders are accompanied by several non-elite Hatchlings which have 8740 HP, they can be AoE’d.

There are trolls encased in webs in this room, such as:

Drakkari Shaman — 44004 HP. Normal melee damage 880-1327.

  • Lightning Bolt – inflicts 393-734 nature damage to a single target
  • Heal – can heal an ally, this is only .5 second cast
  • Chain Heal – can heal up to 3 nearby allies

Drakkari Guardian – 44004 HP. Normal melee damage 1129-2461, 3-4k crit possible

  • Shield Bash – inflicts about 100 damage and interrupts target’s spell cast
  • Hamstring – does 25% weapon damage to a target, reducing movement speed for 10 seconds


If you’re on the quest “Cleansing Drak’Tharon”, you can get some of the Enduring Mojo you need from looting these trolls.

Kurzel can also be found in this room, you can complete “Search and Rescue” and also accept “Head Games” from her.


Novos the Summoner, Temple of the Forgotten


There are no trash mobs in this room to clear before you start your encounter with the lich. Novos the Summoner has just over 176k HP. The fight has 2 non-repeating phases.

“The chill that you feel is the herald of your doom!”


Abilities- Phase One

“Surely you can see the futility of it all!”

  • Arcane Field – Novos surrounds himself with a field of arcane magic

“Bolster my defenses! Hurry, curse you!”

  • Summon Minions – summons Fetid Troll Corpse and/or Risen Shadowcaster to attack your party


Abilities- Phase Two

  • Arcane Blast – inflicts 1700-1900 arcane damage to a target, knocking them back 15 yards
  • Frostbolt – deals 2140-2638 damage to a target, reducing their movement speed for 4 seconds
  • Blizzard – creates a blizzard at a selected spot, deals 1420-1933 damage every 2 seconds to anyone standing in the blizzard. Lasts 6 seconds
  • Wrath of Misery – deals 1330-1664 shadow damage to a target every 2 seconds for 8 seconds


Strategy- Phase One

When you aggro Novos, he will create a shield around himself making him invulnerable to attack, then he will begin summoning adds on your party, most of them non-elite, but also elite Hulking Corpses. His shield seems to be powered by the 4 pylons encircling him, in order to end Phase One and do any damage to Novos you must take out these pylons. You do this by killing the Crystal Handlers that spawn, once you’ve killed 4 the second phase will begin.

It’s best to gather on the stairs in this room during Phase One to control and defeat the adds.


Strategy- Phase Two

During this phase, Novos has no aggro table and cannot be taunted. He casts spells randomly at your party members, somewhat like Shade of Aran in Karazhan, but unlike Aran his spells cannot be interrupted. For the most part, you just DPS him as fast as you can in this phase. You can move out of his Blizzard, and it’s good to have a party member who can decurse Wrath of Misery.

“Your efforts… are in vain.”


Normal Mode Loot

Summoner’s Stone Gavel

Crystal Pendant of Warding

Robes of Novos



The Aviary


This is a small room that you pass through on the way to the Raptor Pens. Here you’ll face:

Risen Drakkari Bat Rider — 42540 HP. Normal melee damage 1129-2295

  • Impale – inflicts about 300 damage every 3 secnds for 9 seconds
  • Curse of Blood – increases damage inflicted to nearby enemies by 500 for 8 seconds

Drakkari Bat — 5318 HP. Normal melee damage 1500-2200



Raptor Pens


This room is exactly what it sounds like, a sort of stable for Drakkari Raptors of several kinds. It is also where you find King Dred, the elite raptor boss. He is technically optional, you can avoid him by turning left when you enter the Raptor Pens and then taking the stairs to Drak’Tharon Overlook, but even if you avoid King Dred, you will have to clear some trash mobs like:

Risen Drakkari Handler — 42540 HP. Normal melee damage 1292-1679

  • Shoot – a ranged attack that causes 500-600 damage to a target
  • Hooked Net – immobilizes a target for 6 seconds and deals 1223-1747 damage
  • Backhand – stuns an enemy for 2 seconds

Drakkari Raptor Mount — 15952 HP. Normal melee damage 1000-1500

Drakkari Gutripper — 41128 HP. Normal melee damage 895-1700

  • Gut Rip – reduces the target’s Stamina by 15% for 6 seconds

Drakkari Scytheclaw – 41128 HP.

  • Rend – inflicts physical damage to a target every 3 seconds for 15 seconds

If you crowd-control the mounted Risen Drakkari Handler (with Shackle for instance), the Drakkari Raptor Mount may despawn so you won’t have to fight it as well.



King Dred

This optional boss is a large raptor that patrols the Raptor Pens. He has more than 200k HP and deals about 1000-2000 normal melee damage. On regular difficulty he is actually tameable by hunters.


This is a single phase encounter with a lot of physical damage. You should clear the room of as many trash mobs as you can before you fight King Drek, as he can call any live raptors to the fight even if they are out of your aggro range.


  • Bellowing Roar – fears all enemies within 35 yards for 4 seconds
  • Fearsome Roar – reduces damage dealt by nearby enemies by 125 for 8 seconds
  • Grievous Bite – a debuff that can cause the target to bleed, the target can lose 3687-5329 health until fully healed
  • Piercing Slash – deals 125% damage to a target and reduces target’s armor by 75%
  • Mangling Slash – deals 125% damage to a target and increases the damage target receives from Bleed effects by 75%


If you’ve cleared as many of the trash mobs as possible, Dred’s “Raptor Call” will not cause much trouble for your party. You should pull King Dred to the bottom of the stairs that lead to the Overlook. If you have a priest, Fear Ward either on the tank or the healer will be useful. A mage can use Amplify Magic during this fight to help the healer, since Dred’s damage is all physical.

This fight is a tank-and-spank for the most part. Your healer must be able to bring your tank up to full health to remove Grievous Bite, similar to Rokmar the Crackler in Slave Pens.


* King Dred raises his claws menacingly. *

When you see this warning during the fight, your tank should be ready to pop cooldowns that will reduce their damage taken. King Dred will attack 3 times very quickly and it may be too much for your healer to handle, especially if the tank is affected by Piercing Slash or Grievous Bite.

Even after you defeat King Dred and the encounter ends, a target of Grievous Bite may still be bleeding, so the healer should not forget to heal them up. If your group isn’t capable of killing Dred, you can easily pass him and proceed up the stairs.


Normal Mode Loot

Staff of the Great Reptile

Stable Master’s Breeches

Scabrous-Hide Helm



Drak’Tharon Overlook

You have to make your way up to the top of the Overlook to reach The Prophet Tharon’ja. On the way, you will face Drakkari ice trolls like the Shamans and Guardians you’ve already met, as well as:

Risen Drakkari Death Knight — 44004 HP. Normal melee damage about 1000.

  • Fear – can cause 1 target to flee for 6 seconds
  • Deafening Roar – inflicts 800-1800 damage and silences the target for 2 seconds
  • Icy Touch – deals 1900-2200 frost damage, reducing the target’s attack and casting speed by 15% for 8 seconds. This is magic and can be dispelled

Drakkari Commander – 42540 HP. Normal melee damage 700-1000.

  • Battle Shout – buffs nearby allies, increasing melee attack power by 350 for 30 seconds
  • Frenzy – attack speed is increased by 60% and physical damage dealt is increased by 50% for 2 minutes
  • Whirlwind – attacks multiple nearby enemies, inflicting normal damage plus 100

If there is a shaman in a group of mobs your group is fighting, you should kill the shaman first since it will otherwise heal all of the others around it.

Some groups of enemy mobs may be fighting each other, you can successfully pull them at low health (40% or so).


The Prophet Tharon’ja


When you finally reach the top of the Overlook, you’ll find the skeletal wind serpent: The Prophet Tharon’ja. This boss has 275k HP and does 1331-1713 normal melee damage. The encounter has two phases which alternate until you defeat the boss.

“Tharon’ja sees all! The work of mortals shall not end the eternal dynasty!”


  • Curse of Life – shadow damage debuff, this effect is removed after 9 seconds or when the target reaches 50% health
  • Eye Beam – deals 1000-1100 nature damage every 2 seconds to a target
  • Lightning Breath – inflicts about 1500 nature damage to the target
  • Posion Cloud – deals about 600 nature damage each second to nearby enemies for 10 seconds
  • Rain of Fire – targets a selected area, deals 1800-2000 damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, to any enemies in selected area
  • Shadow Volley – hurls shadow energy at all nearby enemies

Tharon’ja will also cast Decay Flesh to begin Phase Two, turning itself into a living wind serpent and everyone in your party into skeletons. At the end of Phase Two, Tharon’ja casts Return Flesh to transform back into a skeletal wind serpent, returning your party to your normal forms.

As skeletons, each member of your party will have the following abilities:

  • Slaying Strike – instant cast melee attack with 8 yard range, the damage of your weapon applies
  • Taunt – instant cast taunt with 10 yard range
  • Bone Armor – instant cast to buff oneself with a bone armor shield that will absorb 4k-5k damage for 10 seconds
  • Touch of Life – instant cast with 20 yard range, steals 1900-2100 life from an enemy. 5 second cooldown

Strategy- Phase One

Tharon’ja is in skeletal form during this phase and can use all of the abilities outlined above, except Eye Beam. During this phase, heavy healing is generally needed. Party members should move out of Rain of Fire to lessen the healing load, and a mage or a druid can decurse to help as well.

Just tank, heal and DPS as usual during this phase.

“Tharon’ja has a use for your mortal shell!”

The boss casts Decay Flesh to begin Phase Two.


Strategy- Phase Two

During this phase, every member of your party will be a skeleton with the abilities listed above. The only one who should be using “Taunt” is your tank, of course. The rest of your party (healer included) can use “Slaying Strike” against Tharon’ja.

Your healer cannot heal during this phase, but you can use “Touch of Life” each time it’s available to heal yourself. You can attempt to cast “Bone Armor” on yourself before Tharon’ja casts “Return Flesh”, if successful your spellcasting cannot be interrupted by physical attacks for 10 seconds.

When Tharon’ja casts “Return Flesh”, it begins Phase One again. The cycle repeats until the boss is defeated.

Each time Tharon’ja shifts from skeletal form to mortal form and back, there is a threat wipe, so allow your tank a moment to re-acquire aggro on the boss.

Hunter pets can attack as normal while your party is shapeshifted, but no pet healing is possible during this time. They can do a great deal of damage to the boss in mortal form, just be sure to heal the pet to full health during each Phase One.

“Im… impossible! Tharon’ja is eternal! Tharon’ja… is…”


Normal Mode Loot

Helmet of Living Flesh

Tharon’ja’s Aegis

Muradin’s Lost Greaves


After defeating the boss, you can go down the stairs to the west and find the brazier to complete Drakuru’s quest. The Lich King makes a cameo appearance and has a dialog with Drakuru that is worth sticking around a moment to watch.

You can also get out of the instance quickly by jumping down a passage near the brazier, into water (like Utgarde Keep).


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