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Just beneath the surface of the great graveyard of the dragons, Dragonblight, lies Azjol-Nerub, which may (or may not) be all that remains of the Nerubian civilization after being invaded by the Scourge. What was once a beautiful home for the Nerubians is now greatly altered and ultimately under the control of the Lich King.

It’s now separated into two instances, the first is Azjol-Nerub, a dungeon designed for a 5-man group of players level 72-74. Here you will have to defeat 3 elite bosses: Krik’thir the Gatewatcher, Hadronox, and Anub’arak. They will have to be faced in that order, due to their locations.

Azjol-Nerub may be completed in as little as 20 minutes or less, if you know your way around.


Gear and consumables

Like most Wrath of the Lich King dungeons, the Heroic version of this instance is tuned for players who are using high quality level 80 gear, as well as the best flasks and food buffs available. Getting the best possible gear for your character will make this fight a whole lot easier.

In WotLK, professions can be used to craft high quality epic gear. Most raid bosses also drop an epic bind-on-equip item. These items are the easiest way to get your character geared up fast, but they’re expensive to craft or buy on the AH. The easiest way to get your hands on them is to use a guide like WoW Gold Secrets, which has tips for making several thousand gold per day. This is a great way to save time and clear instances faster.

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You can find the entrance to Azjol-Nerub in the Pit of Narjun, in western Dragonblight. You will have to venture into a cave south of Icemist Village. Just within the cave you will see a blue glow emanating from underground, this is where you can jump into the pit and find the meeting stone and instance entrance.



Within the Pit of Narjun, Kilix the Unraveler offers adventurers two quests. There are no precursor quests to do before you can pick these up.

Death to the Traitor King – Kilix the Unraveler wants you to defeat the last boss, Anub’arak, and return Anub’arak’s Broken Tusk to him.

Don’t Forget the Eggs! – Kilix also wants you to destroy 6 Nerubian Scourge eggs for him while you’re inside Azjol-Nerub. You can find them en route to the first boss and each egg destroyed will count for all nearby party members.



When you enter the instance, you find yourself inside a cave and there are no enemy mobs in sight. You can head north down the tunnel a bit before you come upon the first pair of Nerubian trash mobs. On the way to the first boss, Krik’thir the Gatewatcher who guards the Gilded Gate, you may face:


  • Anub’ar Warrior – 38440 HP. Normal melee damage 900-1450.

Cleave – 150% of normal melee damage to target and nearest ally.

Strike – Single-target attack dealing increased melee damage.

  • Anub’ar Webspinner – 30752 HP. Normal melee damage about 700.

Web Shot – Deals 1250-1500 damage to a single target, reducing movement speed 10% for 5 seconds.

Web Wrap – Shoots a web at the target to stun them for 3 seconds and then encase them in webs for 10 seconds. Party members can attack the webs to release their comrade.

  • Anub’ar Skirmisher – 38440 HP. Normal melee damage 1000-1857.

Backstab – Inflicts 3000-5000 damage on a single target from behind.

  • Anub’ar Shadowcaster – 30752 HP. Normal melee damage 550-650.

Shadow Bolt – Shoots a bolt of shadow at a target, inflicting 1100-1250 damage.

Shadow Nova – Deals 1600-2000 shadow damage to all nearby enemies.


Krik’thir the Gatewatcher

At the bottom of the tunnel, you will come to the room where Krik’thir the Gatewatcher and his Nerubian underlings guard the Gilded Gate which leads you deeper into Azjol-Nerub. In front of Krik’thir you should see three sets of mobs, each will have a Watcher joined by two Anub’ar soldiers, which are usually a combination of the ones mentioned above. Each of these three-mob groups will come separately.

When you aggro one of the Watchers, the encounter with Krik’thir begins and there is little or no time to regain health and mana out of combat. Skirmishers should be crowd-controlled (trapped by a hunter if possible) or killed first. It sometimes makes these groups easier to leave the Watcher for last and focus DPS on the mobs with less health first.

Each Watcher has 82256 HP and normal melee damage inflicted between 1100-1700.


  • Watcher Gashra

Infected Bite – Deals 1885-2115 nature damage, and then 1000 damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds, also increases physical damage taken by 20%.

Web Wrap – Shoots a web at the target to stun them for 3 seconds and then encase them in webs for 10 seconds. Party members can attack the webs to release their comrade.

Enrage – Attack speed is increased by 300% and physical damage caused is reduced by 50%. This effect lasts 8 seconds.

  • Watcher Narjil

Blinding Webs – Blinds the target for 4 seconds.

Infected Bite – Deals 1885-2115 nature damage, and then 1000 damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds, also increases physical damage taken by 20%.

Web Wrap – Shoots a web at the target to stun them for 3 seconds and then encase them in webs for 10 seconds. Party members can attack the webs to release their comrade.

  • Watcher Silthik

Poison Spray – Inflicts 900-1100 Nature damage to a target and then 700-900 every 3 seconds for 10 seconds.

Infected Bite – Deals 1885-2115 nature damage, and then 1000 damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds, also increases physical damage taken by 20%.

Web Wrap – Shoots a web at the target to stun them for 3 seconds and then encase them in webs for 10 seconds. Party members can attack the webs to release their comrade.


“This kingdom belongs to the Scourge! Only the dead may enter.”

Krik’thir will engage your party less than 5 seconds after the third Watcher dies. The tank must be ready to grab him before he attacks someone else.

Periodically, he will summon groups of bugs which have very little health and can be handled with AoE, so your group should try to stay together to control them more quickly.

Krik’thir has 154.5K HP and in addition to the adds, he can do 1900-2500 normal melee damage as well as the following abilities:

Mind Flay – Inflicts 1500-1800 shadow damage to the target and reduces movement speed for 3 seconds.

Curse of Fatigue – Deals 200-3000 damage to enemies within a 5-yard radius, slowing the speed of movement, attack, and casting by 30%. This effect lasts 10 seconds.

Frenzy – At 10% Health, his attack speed increases by 50% and physical damage dealt increases 100%.

“I should be grateful. But I long ago lost the capacity.”


Normal Mode Loot

Aura Focused Gauntlets

Cobweb Machete

Exquisite Spider-Silk Footwraps


After defeating Krik’thir, you can proceed through the Gilded Gate.


After passing through the Gilded Gate, you will be traveling down a ramp. When you reach the circular platform, turn right (South) and jump onto the floor of spiderwebs there. You will see two sets of stairs in this room, Hadronox’s Lair.

There are trash mobs descending the stairs, some will attack your party and others will head to the giant spider Hadronox instead.

You will also have to clear three stationary groups at the bottom of the steps. Each will be composed of one Anub’ar Crusher and 2 other Nerubian soldiers of other creature types listed below.


  • Anub’ar Crusher – 38440 HP. Normal melee damage 1650-2400.

Smash – Inflicts 3000-6500 physical damage to a single target in melee range.

Frenzy – Before death, attack speed increases by 25% and physical damage dealt increases 50%.


  • Anub’ar Crypt Fiend – 9940HP. Normal melee damage 280-350.

Crushing Webs – Immobilizes target with a web and deals 200-250 damager per second. These effects last 6 seconds.

Infected Wound – Increases target’s physical damage taken by 20%. Lasts 20 seconds, but can be dispelled with abilities that cleanse disease.

  • Anub’ar Champion – 9940 HP. Normal melee damage 250-300.

Pummel – Deals 800-1050 damage and interrupts any spell being cast, silencing the target for 5 seconds.

Rend – Inflicts about 650 damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

  • Anub’ar Necromancer – 7952 HP. Normal melee damage about 300.

Shadow Bolt – Deals 900-1050 shadow damage to a target.

Animate Bones – Channels to raise a skeleton. One skeleton can be raised every 3 seconds for 9 seconds while the caster channels.



All the while you were clearing the room, Hadronox has been fighting off the same Nerubian trash mobs (minus the Crushers). These trash mobs will be adds during your battle with the giant spider, attacking both your party and the boss as well.

You can wait until there are fewer Nerubians attacking Hadronox, but this is fairly unpredictable since they continuously come down the stairs at him. Regardless of how many there are, your party should NOT attack them. The adds should be completely ignored while you fight the boss.

Each time one of the adds (or a member of your party) dies, Hadronox regains 10% health. If your party doesn’t attack them and Hadronox is focused on your tank you shouldn’t have a problem.

It’s best to have a class in your group that can cleanse poison. Heals casted on party members who have the Leech Poison debuff will also heal Hadronox.

He has 154K HP and deals 3000-4600 melee damage, as well as the following abilities:

Pierce Armor – Reduces target’s armor by 50%. This effect lasts 8 seconds and cannot be dispelled.

Web Grab – Pulls multiple enemies to Hadronox, inflicting 2400-2650 damage.

Acid Cloud – Creates a toxic cloud near the target, inflicting 1000-1600 damage per second to anyone inside the cloud. You can easily move out of this effect, but it will persist up to 1.5 minutes after Hadronox dies.

Leech Poison – Drains about 5% from the target to Hadronox. Lasts 10 seconds. Can be dispelled.

Normal Mode Loot

Treads of Aspiring Heights

Spinneret Epaulets

Life-staff of the Web Lair


After defeating Hadronox, you can proceed through the room and go into the tunnel to the north. Travel down this tunnel, which will take you in a spiral that opens to a room with a floor of webs. Head across this room southwest until it lets you drop to the floor underneath.

Here you should see an opening in the floor.

Jump into this hole and you will fall quite a height, through the Passage of Lost Fiends. Have no fear, you will land safely in a pool of water.

Head west when you exit the water and you will reach a doorway. Through the doorway you will find stairs leading down to Anub’arak, the former King of the Nerubians who was defeated by the Scourge and brought back to life (or rather to Undeath) to be a puppet for the icy hand of the Lich King.

He stands on a circular platform at the bottom of the steps and is guarded by two Nerubians.

  • Anub’ar Prime Guard – 102K HP. Normal melee damage 1400-1750.

Drain Power – A debuff that reduces damage of all party members by 1% and increases the Guard’s damage by 2%.

Mark of Darkness – A debuff that inflicts 300-500 damage every 3 seconds. This effect can be dispelled.



Once these guys are out of the way, you can face Anub’arak.

Make sure everyone in your group is inside the ring of his platform before you begin the encounter, otherwise anyone not within the ring will be shut out from the fight. When this happens they will not be able to assist in the fight, but they can still be attacked by adds during the fight.

Anub’arak has 205.6K HP and can generally deal 1750-2000 normal melee damage. His fight has two phases.

“Eternal agony awaits you!”

Phase One

The boss is on the surface and has the following abilities:

Carrion Beetles – Summons a total of 8 beetles over 4 seconds. Each beetle has about 1000 HP and does only 60-150 normal melee damage, but they can become a nuisance for your healer.

“The pestilence upon you!”

Locust Swarm – Deals 300-400 nature damage to everyone in your party for about 15 seconds.

Pound – Can inflict 9000-11000 to all enemies within 15 yards in front of him. This is a 3 second cast, so your tank and any melee DPS should easily be able to move away in time.


Phase Two

A certain amount of health will trigger Anub’arak’s second phase (about 75%, 50%, 25%). During this phase the boss goes under ground and is invulnerable to attack. Adds will spawn, but they should be easy for your group to handle, most of them having no more than 2500 HP. The Anub’ar Guardian has a bit more health and can inflict normal melee damage of about 2000.

“Come forth, my brethren. Feast on their flesh!”

While the boss is underground, be aware of rumbling rocks that appear on the ground. It is a sign of this ability:

Impale – Spikes come out of the ground, impaling anyone who is within 4 yards, knocking them into the air and inflicting 3000-4000 damage.

It can’t hurt to try to move away from the rumbling rocks when you see them appear. If you can successfully do it, it will lessen the healing load.

“I never thought… I would be rid of him.”


Normal Mode Loot

Signet of Arachnathid Command

Charmed Silken Cord

Wing Cover Girdle


To leave the instance quickly, you can take the stairs out of Anub’arak’s room found on the opposite side from where you entered. Go through the tunnel and you will find an instance portal that will take you back into the Pit of Narjun where Kilix the Unraveler is awaiting your return.

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Comments / Q&A (2)

Re: Azjol-Nerub by Blitzd
(Wed, 26 Nov 2008 01:36:11 GMT)

Yep. I experienced that in one run as well. Thanks for mentioning that directly.

We wiped because of too many adds and Hadronox healing too much. The ‘soft reset’ of running back and zoning in again seemed to correct it.

Re: Azjol-Nerub by Serpantine
(Wed, 26 Nov 2008 00:20:17 GMT)

Just wanted to let you know that hadronox has been really buggy, she is supposed to web the doors shut when she reaches the top, effectively stopping the adds, but this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes she doesn’t even make it to the top and will just wait around at the bottom, which usually leads to either alot of death or a reset of the instance =/.


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