Al’ar the Phoenix God


by Arphir of Axis [Dark Iron]


The Phoenix god rises from its own ashes to fight again.

Al’ar is a challenging fight that requires quick reaction time and precise execution. However, the actions to be performed by each component of the raid are relatively simple, and if communicated clearly can be learned quickly. Al’ar has two phases, and must be brought to zero HP two times; after being killed once, the Phoenix God resurrects and begins to use its Phase 2 abilities.

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HP: 2,400,000 (x2)

Flame Buffet: A stackable debuff that deals 2,000 damage on application and increases fire damage taken by 10%. This debuff will be applied every 1.5 seconds to the entire raid if at any time there are no players within melee range of Al’ar.

Teleport: Used in Phase 1 only. Every 30 seconds, Al’ar will teleport to one of the four balconies on the second floor of the room. Al’ar never leaves these balconies in Phase 1, and will always teleport to the next balcony after its current position in a clockwise rotation. Occasionally, Al’ar may perform a Fire Quill instead of a Teleport. After using Teleport, Al’ar will always summon an Ember of Al’ar.

Fire Quill: Used in Phase 1 only. Al’ar flies to the center of the room and shoot fire at the room’s upper level, killing any players who do not immediately drop down to the bottom level. After Fire Quill, Al’ar flies to either the first or fourth balcony in the room (see diagram for balcony numbering).

Rebirth: Used only at the end of Phase 1. When killed for the first time, Al’ar will resurrect with full health and begin to use a different set of abilities. This is when Phase 2 begins.

Meteor: Used in Phase 2 only. Every 30 seconds, Al’ar will fly to the top of the room and send a large meteor hurtling toward a random player, dealing 5,000 fire damage to them. Two Embers of Al’ar will immediately appear at the point of impact and begin attacking the raid.

Flame patch: Used in Phase 2 only. Every 30 seconds, Al’ar will cause a random section of the floor to catch fire. Players standing in the flame patch will take 2,000 damage per second, as well as receive an application of the Flame Buffet debuff every second.

Charge: Used in Phase 2 only. Every 30 seconds, Al’ar will charge at a random player, dealing 5,000 damage. Al’ar will then return to the target at the top of his threat list.

Melt armor: Used in Phase 2 only. Every 60 seconds, Al’ar will afflict his aggro target with a debuff reducing armor by 80% for one minute.

Enrage: Ten minutes after Phase 2 begins, Al’ar will become enormously powerful and kill everybody in the room.

Ember of Al’ar: A small phoenix that does light damage to a tank. When an Ember of Al’ar is killed, it will explode, dealing 7,000 damage to anybody in melee range. If an Ember is killed during Phase Two, as long as Al’ar is not casting Meteor, the Phoenix God will lose 3% of its remaining health.


Raid composition

3 Main Tanks

2 Offtanks

1 Healer/Offtank (must be a Holy paladin)

7 Healers

8-9 Ranged DPS (1 must be a warlock; 3-4 must be mages or warlocks)

4-5 Melee DPS


See the accompanying diagram for positioning. At the start of the fight, the DPS, Offtanks, and their healers are positioned in the center of the room. The Main Tanks and their healers are positioned on the second floor balconies.


Use the following macros to help assign the roles in your raid:

Al’ar Phase 1:


/raid Platforms 1,3 Tank: [1 MT] – Heals: [3 Healers]

/raid Platform 2 Tank: [1 MT]

/raid Platform 4 Tank: [1 MT]

/raid Platforms 2,4 Heals: [3 Healers]

/raid Ember Tanks: [2 Offtanks, 1 Paladin Offtank] – Heals: [2 Healers]

Al’ar Phase 2:


/raid Current Tank Heals: [4 Healers]

/raid Ember Tanks: [2 Healers]

/raid Raid healing: [2 Healers]

On the pull

To pull Al’ar, the MT on platform one simply needs to shoot it and begin building aggro.

Phase 1

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Main Tank
Al’ar is tauntable and will never leave the second floor balconies during this phase unless Fire Quilling. One MT should begin on platform one; the second MT on platform two; and the third MT on platform four. With the exception of during a Fire Quill, the second and third MTs are stationary throughout Phase One. These MTs stay on their platforms and taunt Al’ar whenever he appears next to them.

The first MT must handle both balconies one and three. When Al’ar teleports from balcony one to balcony two, the first MT should run to balcony three. After thirty seconds, Al’ar will teleport to balcony three; the first MT tanks it for thirty seconds. Once Al’ar teleports to balcony four, the first MT returns to balcony one and waits for the Phoenix God to return.

Occasionally Al’ar will choose to Fire Quill instead of Teleport. You will see him flying up to the center of the room. Immediately drop off your balcony onto the ground floor to avoid being killed, then position yourself halfway up whichever ramp is closest to your assigned platform. After a few seconds of Fire Quill Al’ar will fly toward either balcony one or four; all tanks must run back to their starting balconies as quickly as possible, and the regular tanking rotation resumes.

The first Offtank is a paladin who needs to activate Righteous Fury (both Holy and Protection specs are acceptable, as this paladin does not take too much damage). This Offtank may also assist with raid healing throughout the encounter. The second Offtank may be of any tanking class.

When Al’ar uses Teleport, an Ember of Al’ar will spawn at its destination. A warlock will be designated by the raid leader to stand within the paladin Offtank’s range, using Lifetap to lower his health. Heal the warlock to get aggro, and tank the Ember of Al’ar once it arrives at you. Repeat this action every time Al’ar teleports.

The second offtank will taunt Embers of Al’ar off of the paladin offtank, and move them away from the paladin offtank and the raid. The first three or four Embers must be killed, but subsequent Embers should be tanked throughout the entire phase without being killed.

The third offtank does not have a role in Phase 1. He may participate in the Melee DPS train as described below.

Ranged DPS
Kill Al’ar. You cannot pull aggro during Phase One. There is no enrage timer counting down during Phase One, so prioritize mana conservation over doing your maximum DPS. When Al’ar Teleports to a new balcony, simply move into its range and continue DPS’ing immediately. When Al’ar uses Fire Quill, you may continue to damage it.

Melee DPS
Follow the second (non-paladin) Offtank’s target and kill the first 3 or 4 Embers of Al’ar that spawn. Back out when the Ember’s health becomes very low to avoid the resulting explosion; the Offtank and a designated warlock will finish it off. After the first few Embers have died, stop killing subsequent Embers; instead, bring their health to 5-10%, then stop attacking them. The encounter should transition into Phase Two with several Embers at very low health attacking the Offtank.

One warlock is assigned to Lifetap himself to low health every time a Teleport is about to occur, as well as to assist the Melee DPS in finishing off the first 3-4 Embers of Al’ar. Since Embers explode when killed, the melee will back out as the Ember is about to die; this warlock should finish the job for them. After 3-4 Embers have been killed in this way, switch your DPS to Al’ar.

During Phase One, damage dealt will be primarily to the 5 Tanks. Healing teams should be assigned to each tank; for the healers assigned to the three balcony tanks, be aware that you will need to follow your tank off of the balcony quickly if a Flame Quill occurs. If assigned to the first MT, You will also need to follow him back and forth between the first and third balconies.

On the ground floor, a healing team should be assigned to heal both Offtanks, as well as any stray melee who may be caught in the detonation of an Ember of Al’ar. Al’ar may occasionally manage to cast a Flame Buffet or two after a Teleport or Fire Quill and before tank positioning is re-established; the whole raid will take damage and you should heal this up.

Flame patches will frequently appear on the ground around and under you. Immediately move out of them.

Phase 2

The accompanying diagram illustrates positioning for this phase. While Al’ar should typically be kept in the center of the room, note that other positioning must be extremely fluid as Embers of Al’ar spawn and Flame Patches cover the room. The raid should adjust accordingly throughout the fight.

When Al’ar dies, drop down to the ground floor and space yourselves out about 15 yards from the center of the room. The Phoenix God will be reborn in the middle of the room and will attack whoever had the highest threat at the end of Phase 1. Taunt Al’ar and build aggro as quickly as possible.

All of the main tanks should build aggro on Al’ar during this Phase. Every 60 seconds, Al’ar will cast Melt Armor on the tank it is targeting. This tank should immediately alert the others via voice chat, and one of the other main tanks should taunt Al’ar. Do not tank Al’ar while you have the Melt Armor debuff.

Every 30 seconds Al’ar will fly into the air and fire a meteor at the raid. Al’ar will then return to ground wherever the meteor landed. Move to the location of the meteor’s impact as quickly as possible so you can taunt Al’ar and continue tanking him once he comes back down.

Flame patches will frequently appear on the ground. If one appears under you, immediately move out of it.

After dying, Al’ar will be reborn in the middle of the room, so avoid this location. When entering this phase, the second offtank should be tanking several low health Embers of Al’ar (the paladin offtank should not have any). Drag these tanks to the far south of the room, away from everybody else, and place your back against the wall. Once Al’ar has spawned and the main tanks have it under control, use voice chat to request AOE from the ranged DPS (timing is important, so use a countdown to ensure they all AOE at the same time). All of the phoenixes should die, doing massive damage to Al’ar, and blowing you up. Immediately use your Soulstone to resurrect.

The paladin offtank will continue to perform the same function he performed in Phase One. His goal is to create a predictable path of movement for the Embers, and ensure that they don’t attack random members of the raid. When Al’ar uses the Meteor ability, two Embers of Al’ar will spawn; the paladin offtank should heal anybody who is low health until he gets aggro. Once AOE is complete, the second and third offtanks will be taunting Embers off of him one at a time. The second offtank should move each Ember to one of the room’s edges, and tank it while the DPS kills it. The third offtank holds onto additional adds so that the paladin can continue to heal and acquire new adds as they spawn.

When the DPS kills an Ember, the second offtank should taunt a new Ember off of the third offtank and bring it to the wall.

Flame patches will frequently appear on the ground. If one appears under you, immediately move out of it.

Ranged DPS
After dying, Al’ar will be reborn in the middle of the room, and will attack whoever had the highest threat at the end of Phase One. If you had high threat, position yourself a few yards behind one of the main tanks. Al’ar should fly through the main tank to reach you, and the MT can taunt it as it passes by.

As Al’ar is brought under control, an Offtank will be positioning a number of wounded Embers at the south of the room. Get in range of these Embers and, when the Offtank orders it, AOE them. For the remainder of this Phase, this Offtank will be fetching Embers from the other Offtanks and moving them to one of the edges of the room, away from the rest of the raid; your job is to kill these Embers quickly once they’re in position. Make sure, however, that you do not deal a killing blow to an Ember while Al’ar is in the air casting Meteor; Al’ar will not take damage from the Ember’s death if he is casting Meteor. Stop and restart your DPS as appropriate.

If you are killing Embers very quickly and have some spare time, you can do some damage to Al’ar as well.

Be aware that you may occasionally be hit randomly by a Meteor for 5,000 fire damage, or by a Charge for 5,000 physical damage. Use a bandage, healthstone or potion if you find yourself below 5,000 health.

Flame patches will frequently appear on the ground. If one appears under you, immediately move out of it.

Melee DPS
After dying, Al’ar will be reborn in the middle of the room, so stay away from this location at the beginning of the Phase. Once the main tanks have Al’ar under control, DPS it. Al’ar will occasionally fly into the air to cast Meteor, then return to earth again; once the main tanks have regained control, continue your DPS.

Stay away from any Embers of Al’ar you see being attacked by the ranged DPS.

Be aware that you may occasionally be hit randomly by a Meteor for 5,000 fire damage, or by a Charge for 5,000 physical damage. Use a bandage, healthstone or potion if you find yourself below 5,000 health.

Flame patches will frequently appear on the ground. If one appears under you, immediately move out of it.

This is a chaotic phase. One of the three Main Tanks will always be taking damage from Al’ar; a team of around 3 healers should be assigned to heal Al’ar’s target. The tanks must juggle Al’ar due to Melt Armor, so enable your target-of-target window to see who Al’ar is attacking, and heal that person.

Both Offtanks will take moderate damage from Embers of Al’ar; the one who is tanking Embers that actually get killed will take a 7,000 damage hit every time an Ember dies. Do not let him fall below 7,000 health. A team of 2-3 healers should be assigned to heal the two Offtanks.

Remaining healers should heal anyone in the raid who takes damage. Al’ar will often do 5,000 damage to a random member of the raid with a Meteor or Charge; some players may also accidentally walk through a Flame Patch or get too close to a dying Ember, both of which can cause severe damage. Try to keep everyone in the raid above 5,000 health at all times.

Continue damaging Al’ar until the Phoenix God dies once and for all. Congratulations!



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